Pigeon: The Other White Meat

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Watch Hawkma serenely tear at the remnants of her latest victim (RIP, unsuspecting city pigeon). Your mild fascination and disgust will probably not be enough for your attention span to hold out for the whole minute and ten seconds of video, but check it out anyway:

Their vicious lacerating techniques may appear the same, but is that really grounds enough for us to believe this bird is our Hawkma?

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  1. poor residents  

    I feel sorry for the people who live in that building. Stepping in pigeon leftovers probably isn't the best start to a day.

  2. This is getting  

    ...Kind of gross.

  3. That's my block  

    ...but thankfully not my doorstep. Wow.

  4. My first thought?  


  5. alum

    welcome to the jungle

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