Carman Elevator, Party of Five

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You spend a lot of time in elevators. You go up. You go down. You stare awkwardly at the door. You stare awkwardly at the ceiling. You try not to breathe too loudly. You scroll through your address book. You browse your music library, first by Artist and then by Genre. You…have a dinner party? Yes, you have a dinner party. And then you take a picture of it and send it to Bwog. This is your dinner party in the Carman elevator:

With a Tablecloth and Everything!

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  1. Anonymous  

    I adore Caitlin.

  2. pluck much?  

    what happened to the subway, kids?!

  3. Anonymous  

    oh this is so cool!


  4. curious  

    what if someone wanted to use that elevator? was there enough room? cuz that's kind of douchey otherwise.

  5. Anonymous  

    Look at those these fucking hipsters.

  6. Anonymous  

    potluck, you da best

  7. Caitlin...  

    Is mad cute.

  8. Anonymous  

    WTF! that's our table!!!!!

  9. ElevatorRider

    there was enough room. don't worry.

  10. OMG

    i've been wanting to tave a tea party in an elevator FOREVER! so jealous!

  11. jared  

    are you stroking a fake mustache, or eating a brownie?

  12. seriously?  

    fucking losers, just wanting to get on Bwog. oh freshmen

  13. Ummm...  

    Those aren't freshmen in the elevator, dear sir or madam.

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