Please Get Trashed More Quietly!

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Last night a tipster reported a lot of police officers milling around outside Mel’s during last night. Apparently there’s such a thing as too Eurotrashed? The following Facebook message was sent to attendees of the party:

Hey guys,
I just wanted to explain to everyone what happened last night. Mel’s
neighbors called in a noise complaint pretty early on. It was a combination of the music inside (which we will do a better job of controlling next week) and the fun going on in the line outside (which was awesome). We’re coming back next week with a $2 show featuring Simon Hertzog followed by 2 DJs. Sorry again about last night, we’re gonna work to do our best to never let that happen again.

Frat DJs

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  1. um...  

    there was a major fight with a bouncer and some random guy a little after 3 am... baseball bat was involved. just an fyi. ask the westside and mels people about it.

  2. ...

    thanks for the heads up brah

  3. Anonymous  

    wtf are "Frat DJs" ?

  4. brosef stalin  

    frat djs blows. seriously.

  5. also

    it's Simon Herzog. no t. and yea, frat DJs? what?

  6. This is Columbia  

    Frat DJs are sick. their the only thing keeping this campus alive with parties while the frats are on suspension.

    Thanks, Frat DJs, for making Columbia students seem even less intellectual than we do when Barnard girls say they go to CU.

  7. Anonymous  

    You're a fucking tool. Go out and meet people instead of judging them from afar anonymously.

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