Bwoglines: Multiplicity of Eyes Edition

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Embracing a university policy that makes us vibrant, dynamic and exciting in news this morning, we have something for everyone.

You can't talk about diversity without the 'laughing students' picture.

How much we can credit the social media for the revolution in Egypt is questionable, but the latest news, a father-daughter reunion, is all Twitter. Add ‘reuniting long lost families’ to the site’s (still short) list of redeeming qualities. (Huffington Post)

For our cricket enthusiasts (all ten of you) who wish they could have made it out to the World Cup this year, maybe watching from your floor lounges is for the best. Too busy with midterms to follow your favorite team? Or perhaps indifferent, but enough of a ‘global citizen’ to feign an interest? Here are the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 match results thus far. And here’s something for the rest of you. (The Wall Street Journal)

The Oscars are finally on tonight! Watch for your favorite/some odd performances, to see whether ‘The King’s Speech’ really wins everything and, most importantly, whether Anne Hathaway and James Franco will really mess up tonight. (New York Daily News)

Last in our spate of diversity for the day, the UN imposes arms embargo on Libya and financial and trade sanctions on Ghaddafi. (The Wall Street Journal)

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  1. Note that

    There is a lack of diversity in the photo, there has to be at least, one black person for it to be diverse. Asians don't count.

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