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Healthy food is good. Thank you, Science.

Researchers at Columbia University’s New York Obesity Research Center concluded that sleep deprivation may lead to weight gain as well as an unhealthy change in diet. Something to keep in mind the next time that you’re gobbling down a plate of artery-clogging food at JJ’s Place.

If you’ve found the city’s recent HIV scare tactics to be crass and even offensive, then you are not alone. A Project Coordinator at the Mailman School of Public Health derides the latest campaign for its role in stigmatizing and misrepresenting people living with HIV.

The recent Fukushima Daiichi mishap has lent attention to the Hudson River’s own potentially dangerous nuclear plant, following a review by the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. While still 38 miles north of New York City, we can only hope downstream Morningside Heights doesn’t get turned into a Stanley Kubrick remake.

Professor Dickson Despommier welcomes a future Manhattan in which high-rise vertical farms supply residents with home grown greens and beans. Bwog can only imagine navigating through anything larger than a Trader Joe’s (like the rest of country does, anyhow).

A study of New Zealand glaciers led by the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory discredits the climate theory that the changes to Northern and Southern Hemispheres occur in tandem to one another. One geological period examined by the scientists, namely the Little Ice Age that ended around 1860, makes us wonder about Columbia’s more youthful days.


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    The bit about sleep deprivation and increased appetite is spot-on. I think the freshmen 15 is less about eating shitty food (even though John Jay definitely counts) and more about more waking hours to nom.

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