Music Hum in a Day

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At Miller Theater tomorrow!

Slackers and music enthusiasts take note! From the Columbia Classical Performers comes Music Hum in a Day, a one-hour Sparknotes version of an entire semester of Music Hum and one more opportunity to write your concert report.

The Core-tastic program excerpts 14 pieces spanning 800 years of music. Columbia musicians, including members of the illustrious string ensemble fourbythree, and students in the Juilliard-Columbia exchange program, will perform all the pieces. For those currently enrolled in Music Hum, the concert will review of the medieval/renaissance/baroque/classical stuff you’ve already heard and give a taste of the romantic/neo-classical/modern repertoire to come later in the semester.

There will also be a lecture portion with a chronological tour of modern western music from ca. 1200 to present day. Elizabeth Lyon CC ’11 and Sam Bodkin CC ’12 will take turns explaining the musical, historical and CORE-related themes before each piece. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll use sprechstimme!

The event, tomorrow, 8 pm at Miller Theater is free with some suggested donations. Check out the Facebook event here for more details.

Double Bar.

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  1. Valerie Pinkerton  

    For any Music Hummers who can't make this Bach extravaganza, fear not! Bach Society is staging Handel's Theodora on April 16th at 8pm in St. Paul's!

    Because really, homework is more fun with sword fights and togas.

  2. Anonymous  

    do i need to get a ticket from the tic or something if i want to go? or do i just show up at the event?

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