Bwoglines: Mysteries Edition

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can't you hear the theme music?

Modern day noir.

Google previewed their “augmented reality” glasses, inciting debate about what results they could produce. (Nine MSN, Slash Gear, ZDNet)

Giant panda’s sex life is becoming less of a mystery–but that doesn’t make yours any easier. (MSNBC)

Wall Streeters are no longer dismissing techno as some weird things kids these days are mysteriously into.  (NYTimes)

The state of the economy is becoming less obscure as jobless claims in the US hit the lowest level in 4 years.  Stop panicking, seniors! (Bloomberg)

Richard Descoings, the leader of France’s Science Po, was found dead in his hotel room after not appearing at the Global Colloquium of University Presidents at Columbia.  His autopsy was inconclusive and Bollinger released a joint statement with Ban Ki-Moon. (NYTimes, USA Today)

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  1. @first article picture  

    that has to be the hottest google "employee" of all time

  2. ...  

    i just love when people write about unemployment and mention the unemployment rate but silently leave out any talk of the labor force participation rate or discouraged workers counts.

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