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Love Story on the Low Steps

Here is the dénouement to Robert and Kristine’s 1020 story. He’s currently waiting on the Steps.


Curious onlookers are currently there waiting for something to happen. Go there or read our tweets to find out what happens.

UPDATE: She never showed up and he left after a few minutes. He tore up the rose and left the petals at the base of Alma Mater.

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  • instagram? says:

    @instagram? is this, like, a middle school blog?

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous The Owl stepped out from behind Minerva’s right leg and scared her away

      1. Athena says:

        @Athena the gray-eyed goddess, whose shield is thunder, does not care for you calling her in the tongue of the Romans, nor cares she for the vile, bottled ejaculations of the one the Muses have scorned and who scatters sacrifices made to a false deity at her feet. WOE UNTO YOU.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous The fact that this post is tagged “Catcher in the Rye” infuriates me.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous yeah. bwog is such a fckin phony.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous Holden wouldn’t say “fucking” there. On principle.
        Get your shit straight.

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Salinger’s putrid novel said it was ok to be an abusive angry punk who would riot in 1968

  • Bwog says:

    @Bwog Bwog, I’m well aware your Internet traffic has sunk tremendously, below that of your competitor even. I know you really need to boost the analytics right now, and I understand that. But running this shit isn’t the way to do it. What are the hell are you saying, “he did what he could”? He made multiple advances to her in the club WHICH SHE DID NOT RETURN. She sent MULTIPLE SIGNALS THAT SHE WAS NOT INTERESTED IN HIM. He even noticed that one of the Kristines had “VAGUE DISCOMFORT IN HER FACE.” He waited on Low Steps the other night ALTHOUGH SHE NEVER EXPLICITLY SAID “I WILL MEET WITH YOU.” She evidently wanted to get the fuck out and stay at the Heights with the other Kristine. This isn’t romantic. This is creepy, and you are an incredibly irresponsible organization for continuing to give this individual the media spotlight and portray him the as “pitiable good guy” who in fact does not know when all body language points to “NO, I’M NOT INTERESTED.” You’re perpetuating rape culture at its finest, and I’m ashamed of you.

    1. CC14 says:

      @CC14 Please calm down. At one point or another, we’ve all wanted to believe that someone shares our feelings a bit more than might be realistic. Even in the face of vague signals.

      This guy was going to meet her in public and is no danger to anyone.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous ;( that is how it works..

      2. Now that I'm less angry says:

        @Now that I'm less angry I just want to say: Does nobody know what rape culture is? It doesn’t mean that the person perpetuating rape culture is a rapist at all. The fact that Bwog is giving a spotlight to a person who clearly doesn’t know how to respect/recognize boundaries is what is problematic. It has nothing to do with whether or not he will rape. But the mentality of not recognizing boundaries, even if there is no actual sexual harassment, is rape culture. Bwog highlighting this, giving him the spotlight, and framing creepiness in terms of romance—that is rape culture. For all who are confused what rape culture is, check out this graphic as a start: And of course, actually Google. As opposed to assuming that I’m saying he’s going to rape.

    2. lazy college senior says:

      @lazy college senior I’m pretty sure posting on a campus event that we’re all interested in reading about (yourself included, apparently) is not an example of Bwog “perpetuating rape culture.” There is a distinction between Bwog doing its job (reporting things that are interesting to students, which this is) and condoning the behaviors it publicizes. Don’t kill the messenger.

    3. Agree says:

      @Agree I don’t want to comment on the rape culture stuff, which does seem a little excessive to me. This whole stunt was incredibly boneheaded. But what the kid needs is for a friend to tell him “This is not ok.” He doesn’t need everyone at Columbia laughing at him. Bwog, you should have just deleted this email when it was received, or replied with some kind advice, privately. You chose to publish it and make the guy into a laughingstock. Think about the impact your work here is having, beyond pageviews and comments. Who is benefiting from this, and does the positive for your readership outweigh the negative impact that this will have on the person in the picture?

      1. whatta (hu)man, whatta (hu)man, whatta (hu)man, whatta mighty good (hu)man says:

        @whatta (hu)man, whatta (hu)man, whatta (hu)man, whatta mighty good (hu)man Your attitude is the kind that will make/makes Columbia a great place, full of educated people who care. Thanks, seriously.

    4. The Ban Captain thepoet says:

      @The Ban Captain thepoet Well aren’t you the maddest of mads there ever were

      Please go back to your psets and figure out more ways to instigate liberal PC butthurt

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous this might be a bit much…

    can we cut the spectacle short? It’s making me uncomfortable…

  • oh man says:

    @oh man oh man.

  • The Broadway Bomb says:

    @The Broadway Bomb This isn’t love. This is obsession. Genuine as his feelings may be, they’re neither loving nor healthy, and to treat them as such with your coverage is a slap in the face to Kristine and every girl out there who finds herself in a similar position.

  • CC '14 says:

    @CC '14 I REALLY hope this is actually just some weird performance art…

    1. Michael says:

      @Michael More like a game, and it’s looking more and more like I’m winning.

      1. Michael says:

        @Michael I think the best moment was when all the bitching about me misusing DFW got ivygate to put a big portrait of him as the picture with my article. Seriously, you guys made the night. Hats off.

        1. Michael says:

          @Michael lulz, it’s still the top story. You guys are idiots.

          1. Michael says:

            @Michael Also why didn’t any of you pick up on the “other fish in the sea” pun in the last sentence of the TIW paragraph? I capitalized the F and W.

            And Bwog, you didn’t know this at the time, but the original name is actually the ancient sanskrit word for “illusion”. That’s why I was so pissed when you changed it.

            Anyway I think I’m done. Thanks again to everyone for reading, and Bwog for hosting. And happy Thanksgiving everyone!

          2. FYI says:

            @FYI I think this incident will be forgotten soon enough. Things happen. Shit happens. That’s life. I think your story generated interest because, well, things like this don’t happen everyday, especially at Columbia. You said your piece (whether it was unsettling or sweet or whatever is another topic entirely). Matter’s over, though. Relax and chill-out. Btw, we can’t recognize you in your picture. In 10-20 years you’ll be laughing about this, I think.

      2. child just defeated in candyland says:

        @child just defeated in candyland oh yeah?! I don’t even LIKE this game! in fact, i wasn’t even playing! I never cared about winning! shows you, loser! waaaaaaah!

      1. common sense...a little bit goes a long way says:

        @common sense...a little bit goes a long way What did you think would come from all of this, mate? I mean, you’re the one that put this out there…what did you expect? Plus, the girl has a boyfriend.

        1. Michael says:

          @Michael I didn’t expect anything than for people to be entertained reading the story… It’s like a solid 80% true, but more importantly everyone who read it read 3500 words (that’s 12 pages) of mine for no particular reason than because they were entertained. That’s every writer’s goal. My only problem is how sad everyone says they found this… I wanted it to be funny. I always have the same problem in reverse; every time I try to write a sad story, people think it’s funny. It’s very frustrating.

          1. just thought you should know. says:

            @just thought you should know. I think she posted on your first post, btw. the girl you “fell in love with”
            also, are you the “red umbrella” guy?

          2. Michael says:

            @Michael Yes, I wrote the red umbrella thing too. I don’t understand how people still think this is real.

          3. This says:

            @This is a narrative shift. If this is “writing” to you, please don’t quit your day job…if you even have one.

  • um might wanna mention says:

    @um might wanna mention that he also left her A BOTTLE OF PEE with a note wrapped around it. extremely creepy.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous i have good information that that was somebody else.

      1. anon says:

        @anon Yep; some guy put it near Alma around 10 minutes before 12. He’s probably from B@B.

  • Tommy Wiseau says:

    @Tommy Wiseau You are tearing me apart, Kristine!

  • Michael says:

    @Michael Take this the fuck down immediately. I did not give you guys permission to print this. I think I’ve had enough embarrassment for a day. Take it down now. I’m going to check again in five minutes, if it’s not down I’m calling my advisor and a dean. I know that sounds petty, but I’m completely serious. Take it down.

    1. irony says:

      @irony “…he was asking for it”

    2. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Does Bwog really not have permission to cover this? Didn’t you ask them to?

      1. Michael says:

        @Michael No, I didn’t, and they certainly don’t have the right to print a picture of me without my permission.

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous Apparently, as long as it’s in a public place, you’re not a minor, and the photo’s not used for advertising, Bwog is allowed to post photos they take of you.

          Karma’s a bitch.

        2. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous What exactly do you think the press does?

          1. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous right? jeez

    3. lazy college senior says:

      @lazy college senior I’m pretty sure that begging Bwog to publicize your rapey “love letter,” insisting on using your real name on comment threads, throwing rose petals around Low Steps (the most public place on Campus), and waving at people as you walk away waives your right to “give permission” for any of this shit being covered. Lawyered.

    4. The Honourably Based FILGB says:

      @The Honourably Based FILGB Mate YOU gave them the story. YOU wrote a 3500 essay to Bwog. YOU told them that you would be meeting in a PUBLIC place at a specific time. Bwog is completely within its rights to cover this sad and pathetic affair. You attention whored the fuck out of this site for a few days and then got pissed when your ridiculous proposition didn’t go to plan. Next time think before posting all your personal details and stories on a public blog. Idiot.

    5. shrinking violet says:

      @shrinking violet Guys, why are you so harsh. I mean it’s over, what does his existence hurt you. And I agree with him. Why should bwog document his humiliation? In fact, this whole story was just senseless and tasteless and is part of why i would never grant bwog an interview or whatever even if i did something extraordinary. Here, we have this guy, who we all knew that his love letter would be badly received/not at all , we were all aware that the grand meeting at alma would go really badly. Why do we have to publicize his embarrassment? Bwog should never have posted the story. at all.

    6. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous I want to give this a thumbs down but it already has 69

  • Was this really necessary? says:

    @Was this really necessary? can’t help but feel like this is enabling him. and for what, a few cheap laughs at his expense and some page views? really?

  • Michael says:

    @Michael That wasn’t me, it was already there left by a thoroughly charming onlooker no doubt. Haven’t you guys laid into me enough in the other thread? Can’t you drop it and leave me in peace? Jesus. I laid my heart out in public to try and make something beautiful happen, fuck me right? Stop it now.

    1. Michael says:

      @Michael That was meant in reply to the pee bottle comment.

  • Michael says:

    @Michael You guys know you need my permission to print a picture of me. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Technically not says:

    @Technically not Bwog doesn’t have to take it down on legal matters.

    See AP V. Walker (1967) – Public Figure vs. Private person distinction. Anyone that willingly invites themselves attention in public loses certain personal freedoms.

    1. Michael says:

      @Michael Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be decent human beings. I don’t want to have to get laughed at every time I try to study in Butler for the next eight months. Bwog, try to have a shred of empathy. Take the picture down now.

      1. chill the fuck out says:

        @chill the fuck out 1) you kind of do. (no hard feelings, but what did you expect? really now.) 2) you can barely even see your face in the pic. chill the fuck out.

        1. Michael says:

          @Michael You can see enough that I’m duly mortified. Guess I better start looking at transfer schools.

          1. Anonymous says:

            @Anonymous As someone who was verbally harassed and stalked for months by an awkward guy who couldn’t take a hint or accept a direct “no”, this entire scenario is infuriating. My stalker was considered “harmless”, and I thought ignoring him was the solution until he screamed at me in a public setting for giving him “mixed signals”. You sir, remind me of that guy.

            This was not romantic – it was obsessive and attention-seeking. She was not interested, and you thought it was appropriate to draw attention to yourself by submitting a love letter and setting up a meeting on bwog? You wanted to make this into a public spectacle, and now it is. Congrats on embarrassing yourself and giving Kristine a reason to feel uncomfortable/unsafe.

      2. senior says:

        @senior Hey Michael,

        I’m sorry you’re going through this. You’ll be ok! Nobody even really knows what you look like from that picture.

        I think if you were to just ask the staff nicely to take it down, they’d oblige. I’d email them directly (nicely) if I were you.

        good luck. i tink you’re pretty hip for goign out on a limb.

      3. I'm sure Kristine says:

        @I'm sure Kristine doesn’t want to have to look over her shoulder every time at 1020, either. After that stunt you pulled with the 3,500-word letter, she’d be pretty uncomfortable and mortified, too. But you didn’t stop to think about that before, did you?

      4. Senior says:

        @Senior Hey Michael,
        You’ll completely be fine. No-one can really make out your face in the pic and even if they could, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Keep your head up and surround yourself with positive people; you’ll find that there actually are quite a few kind souls at Columbia. Wishing you all the best!

  • The Broadway Bomb says:

    @The Broadway Bomb –which isn’t to say that the initial letter shouldn’t’ve been posted, or that we should be taking this piss (#sorryimnotsorry) out of this kid for what he’s doing. But when you call a love story, when you live tweet in encouragement of the spectacle, when you romanticize this story, you grant legitimacy to a behavior that, well-intentioned as it may be, far too often leads to stalking, assault, harassment… It’s a really bad road to go down, and it ends in a dark alley with an innocent woman being violated in the worst of ways. And then we all ask what went wrong, like we don’t know. A few of the commenters in the first post had the right idea: set the kid straight, turn him toward some helpful resources. Not this shit.

    1. true says:

      @true but i don’t think bwog is really granting legitimacy to it. if the only guy on the steps were michael/robert then it might have been inappropriate to post. but this was a columbia event, tons of students (including b@bers) came out to see what happened. i would have been disappointed if bwog hadn’t covered it. but i completely agree with your concerns about stalking and rape culture.

      1. The Broadway Bomb says:

        @The Broadway Bomb I think you’re absolutely right to bring up the point that this was, for all intents and purposes, a campus event: It was all very much participatory, and I think that’s where most of my frustration comes from (I’m sure others would say the same). Bwog’s live-tweeting, the b@ber who left that bottle of urine, the various students among us who would rather continue to treat this as some grand romantic gesture than entertain even for just one second the idea that the problematic behavior being exhibited here may be exemplary of a greater cultural attitude that says “Women should be accepting & open to our romantic/sexual pursuits, but it’s also their responsibility to avoid threatening situations”, that says “Don’t get get raped” instead of “Don’t harass/assault/rape/participate in or otherwise facilitate such behavior”… no one party really holds all of the blame, and I don’t mean to suggest otherwise. I do believe, though, that of all the implicated parties, Bwog was in a position to constructively handle this situation – not to withhold all reporting, but to report responsibly on the matter – and I believe that they fell short in that regard.

  • trolol says:

    @trolol omg this escapade is gonna make the varsity show so good!!

  • For everyone's information says:

    @For everyone's information As he left he passed by where I was sitting with a friend and we spoke briefly. I told him to cheer up and that there will be other girls, he smiled and said “Oh don’t worry I know, I’m going to get stoned and read a book on the train ride home. ” I think he will be fine, stability wise that is.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous how does this not border on stalking or violate SOME harassment policy?

    1. oh really says:

      @oh really who? michael or bwog?

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous michael, le duh.

  • The Dark Hand says:

    @The Dark Hand don’t worry michael she probably wrote for spec. join our lejun if you want justice.

  • Yeah says:

    @Yeah Michael – while I think it would be the decent thing to do to take that picture down, I have genuinely no idea what you look like. I (and most other readers) can vaguely tell what you’re wearing today, but between the angle and the sunglasses would not be able to recognize you in Butler.

    Also – Bwog, your tip form link doesn’t appear to work in Chrome (not sure about other browsers)

  • CC '15 says:

    @CC '15 if you didn’t want to get laughed at you shouldn’t have asked bwog to post your 3,500 word love story and publicized to everyone where you would be on Tuesday at 12 o’clock….

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous It doesn’t matter whether or not Bwog has the legal right to publish his picture. It’s insensitive for Bwog to do this. He’s a peer, for god sake’s, show him a bit of respect.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Lord. People are responsible for their actions. He asked to have this all be public. It’s bigger than just him now, and I for one am interested in it.

      1. Anonymous says:

        @Anonymous yeah… but this seems a bit too much in any case. The last post may have been a clusterfuck for a variety of reasons, but leaving his picture up here as he repeatedly demands that it be taken down making clear how mortified he is doesn’t sit well with me. It’s like putting him in the stocks. It might have been his decision to advertise that he was going to be there, but it wasn’t his choice to be in effect stuck there while everyone jeers and some people call him a rapist. Ignoring his pleas to be left alone feels cruel.

        1. Anonymous says:

          @Anonymous If you we’re there, then you’d have seen that he was basically putting on a performance. He waved to people and was surprisingly dramatic about it. That he’s freaking out about a picture is absurd. He was clearly milking that situation for attention.

  • GEEZ says:

    @GEEZ lol wait. Is that Michael? Did you grow your hair out and get weirder since you graduated? [Edited to hide full names]

  • Gay CC'14 says:

    @Gay CC'14 Michael/Robert is kinda cute… Maybe you’re just batting for the wrong side?

  • Conspiracy Keanu says:

    @Conspiracy Keanu What if Michael is a covert Varsity Show writer and this was all planned to set up the best Varsity Show ever?

  • So... says:

    @So... Do I detect a “vague discomfort,” Michael? Might I suggest transferring to Brown? I hear there’s a girl there who looks JUST LIKE Emma Watson. On another note, tearing up the rose probably didn’t do much to dissuade anyone from thinking that your “affections” were little more than mismanaged aggression.

  • CC 13 says:

    @CC 13 And so continues Bwog’s slow slide into irrelevancy.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous you’re kidding, right? this is the most relevant thing bwog has done all semester

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE turn this pic into a Columbia meme.

      1. You... says:

        @You... are a Bwog hero! Thanks for this.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous just let it blow over man. all will be forgotten in a week

  • Debbie Downer says:

    @Debbie Downer You know who else “asked for it” by doing something very public and cringeworthy on campus? That girl who jumped in September. Yet, we all protected and respected her privacy cause it was the right thing to do and we’re all so ~noble~.

    How do you not get it, Bwog (commenters)? If someone isn’t completely sane, or isn’t adjusted to the society, and this guy CLEARLY isn’t, you can’t really wield court decisions in their face as the reason why their actions should be publicized. He was “asking for it”, yes, but in a kinder world he would have gotten help, he would have been told what to do about whatever his issues are, and he wouldn’t be made fun of like this.

    I BEG you, Bwog, do the right thing and call up CPS and ask someone there if they, as professionals, would recommend keeping this shit up online. We all think it’s creepy and whatnot but come on, I don’t want Yanyi Luo bringing me fucking puppies again for something that can be prevented by all of us growing up.

    1. Debbie Downer says:

      @Debbie Downer That was a serious, serious request, btw. Call someone who’s more mature than you/us, and ask.

    2. Yeah says:

      @Yeah cause CLEARLY you know him so well, right? It’s people like you that are making this a big deal – the guy sent a letter to Bwog and told them to post it, knowing full well that tons of ppl would see it – he was hoping she would too, after all. And, as other commenters have said, he seemed fine afterwards and he was waving to the crowd. He’s fine. And I think that the people making this a huge thing are the people like you who are so POSITIVE that he is a crazy. And don’t even bring up the jumper – that was completely different; I think you’re the one who needs some help. His “issue” was that he’s just a man, who liked a girl, and tried to do something big and romantic by pouring his heart out for us to help find her! So please, stop saying that he has “issues” and that he is crazy/insane/perpetuating rape culture etc.

      1. erm says:

        @erm I hope he’s a man who liked a woman, or a boy who liked a girl, because “a man who liked a girl” sounds super creepy, dude.

      2. Debbie Downer says:

        @Debbie Downer @Yeah: See response below.

  • I'm critical says:

    @I'm critical heteronormativity

  • Debbie Downer says:

    @Debbie Downer The outdatedness of your views, in a couple of quick points: 1) That mental health exists either as ‘sane’ or ‘crazy’, 2) That people who “seem fine” *are* fine, 3) That those who suggest seeking help already think the person is “crazy”, 4) That point out possible issues vindicates whatever happened, 5) That the girl who jumped must have had different or better reasons than the intense, unrequited emotions which this guy showed, and finally (and most inexplicably), 6) That it is somehow better to “not make a big deal out of this” than to possibly prevent a) him from feeling bad, b) her from feeling scared, and c) this from happening again.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I’ve been busy working.. What is this?

    1. Yikes says:

      @Yikes This is my favorite post of the year.

  • Dear Alice/Bwog says:

    @Dear Alice/Bwog Today I came to the unsettling discovery that my girlfriend recently had a “rendevouz” with Michael/Robert in the basement of Fayweather prior to our our coming together. Should I be concerned?

    Pipi Longsocks

    1. wut??? says:

      @wut??? for real???? eewwwww…that’s awkward

  • Dear Alice/Bwog says:

    @Dear Alice/Bwog *Fayeweather


    1. you're... says:

      @you're... @Dear Alice/Bwog: …almost there!!

    2. Actually says:

      @Actually *Fayerweather

  • Michael says:

    @Michael @Michael: Dude I’m completely chill; like, I got thousands of people to read my work. That’s a lot better than the dozen at most I can get in my fiction seminar. I’m just worried about how wound up people are over this whole thing. Like why can’t they just enjoy the story… no one made them read twelve pages, they were obviously hooked in some way. It’s kind of bumming me out is all.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous Stop kidding yourself. You were serious and you know it and are using this to justify it. Also, this wasn’t a well-written piece at all so I really don’t see it as a success in that regard either.

    2. This was better says:

      @This was better as a desperate attempt to get a girl’s attention. As a piece of “writing,” I wouldn’t deign to wipe my ass with it if, GOD FORBID, it ever saw the light of day on the published page.

      1. Michael says:

        @Michael And yet you’re still here talking about it (and blowing up my inbox since I made the awful decision to track this thread) a week later. Whether the writing is “good” or not, you clearly care/are in engaged in some way. You were entertained, what the hell else matters?

  • Yikes says:

    @Yikes C’mon, BWOG take it down. This guy isn’t a rapist (seriously: frat row is RIGHT there and this is the behavior that has people shouting “rape culture”. M’kay.)

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to do anything to help the poor guy’s issues pointed out very succinctly by one poster on the other story who also left his e-mail…. can’t be bothered to hotlink) which are seemingly, from what we know at least, to push everything up to 12. That’s been confirmed by his posts here (assuming this is actually this Michael guy).

    All of this started because of a nice conversation at a bar! Can we even imagine the angst if this guy thinks he’s the new topic of every conversation he walks by for the next 8 months…

    You don’t want a hand in any… unpleasant escalation here. And I’ll leave it at that.

    And Michael: If I can drop some grad school psychology here; this sort of thing can only increase the guy’s established desire to see his life as a grand movie.

    I’m being dickish here (because well, internet) but you really might benefit from just talking to someone, Michael. We all could but I think you might really enjoy the change in perspective it brings. There’s no shame in it.

  • jeez says:

    @jeez these comments are overwhelmingly mean… at a time where something like “Columbia Compliments” has been having so much success, you would think that the internet bullying would stop. if you’re reading this michael, know that the entire school isn’t “against” you. i’m sorry that this happened. i’m sorry for you and her, this whole situation is just messy. and most of all, i’m sorry that bwog doesn’t have the common decency to take this article down. keep your head up, in two weeks, most of us will forget this ever happened.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous ugh, columbia compliments. just a popularity contest/circle jerk based on likes per post. has it occured to you that some of the same people who write those compliments may be commenting here?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Michael/Robert: This is the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard of happening at Columbia. Good for you and don’t let anyone dissuade you from following your heart. Even if she has a boyfriend, I know Kristine will appreciate your sincerity. Any woman would.

    1. Yeah. says:

      @Yeah. While you’re at it, Michael, stalk up on chloroform and zip-ties. Even if she’s screaming NO LEAVE ME ALONE DON’T FUCKING TOUCH MEEEEEEE, I know she will appreciate your sincerity.

  • SEAS 1101 says:

    @SEAS 1101 Michael, get over it. Just be grateful nobody posted your story in a /b/ thread.

  • Choppa says:

    @Choppa Basically, the moral of the story is, this guys a bitch.

    Get your weight up, stop talking about David Foster Wallace, and learn from the greats how to ooze machismo

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