1. yo  

    this is so fucking good

  2. finally  

    bwog publishes something of worth

  3. Where is

    Fountain girl?!???

  4. laughed extremely hard @  

    "St. Augustine's fucking pear tree"

  5. Anonymous  

    Pretty sure that you automatically win the round if you get "snow penises":

    The Core teaches a generation of learners about snow penises.
    I just wish snow penises would play at Bacchanal.
    A single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of snow penises.
    The admins are waging a war on snow penises.
    Columbia didn't cancel class even though it was snow penises outside.

  6. anon

    Cards against Columbia makes much more sense.

  7. Wait

    How does WikiCU merit a mention? Is it actually a thing? Do people actually use it?


    you go bwog! love ya!

  9. Anonymous  

    can someone explain cumdumpsters?

  10. Thanks for crediting us, guys!!

    The Princeton Tiger

  11. Jeremy Cohen

    Mods: you can delete that angry comment... Sorry, I overreacted at first. Cards against Humanity obviously wasn't our idea in the first place anyway...

  12. lulz

    'Dat passive aggressiveness.

  13. Anonymous  

    Fantastic!!! But pretty CC-centric..

  14. needs  

    the word "postcolonialism"

  15. Sherry J. Wolf  

    This is shameful, offensive and heteronormative. We need to mobilize against such insensitivity in this community. Join me and please file a complaint with the office of multicultural affairs and get this disgusting site shut down!

  16. Anton  

    "Oral sex" perfectly fits in in 90% of the blanks.

  17. CC09

    Why is this not called Cards Against Literature Humanitites?

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