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Late Night Bwog: Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Ever since the daylight savings time change, the sun has decided to set its sorry ass at 4pm every damn day. By the time I get out of my CC seminar it’s already starting to get dark. What gives, sun? You used to be a source of such light and warmth. Now all you do is exacerbate my depression.

The sun setting this early has numerous detrimental effects on my wellbeing (and, given the dismal state of mental health on this campus, I’m guessing on that of my peers as well). First off, when I get back from my 4 to 6pm seminar and it’s already dark, finding the willpower to get up and leave my room again is achingly difficult. Dinner at John Jay? Sorry, gonna pass. I’d rather just eat the food in my room that I bought a few weeks ago and in no way constitutes an actual meal. Going to Butler? Hell no. I’m not about to brace the cold darkness of these New York City streets just to shatter my soul in the stacks.

Second, when it’s totally dark by 5pm, it makes 9pm feel like fucking midnight. By the time I get around to starting my homework it feels like bedtime. How am I supposed to have enough time to get all my work done if my body begins to shut down by 10 pm? My circadian rhythm is all fucked up. (And yes, I have one of those SAD lamps. It doesn’t do a damn thing.) Darkness also means no outside time. I feel unsafe running outside alone, I can’t sit and read outside after class. What’s a girl gotta do to get some goddamn fresh air around here?

It’s SAD season, bitches. For all my homies whose depression gets a thousand times worse during this dark time of year, you’re not alone. Stock up on snacks, sweaters, SSRIs, and weed because hibernation has begun.


Note: Bwog does not condone the use of ~illegal substances.~

Featured image via Nebraska apparently?

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