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NSOP Bucketlist 2018

Add to the list: take a coordinated jumping photo on Low Steps

Hey, new first years! Yeah, you! In just a few weeks, you’re going to embark on one of the greatest, sweatiest, and cringiest experiences of your whole college career: NSOP. In order to make this experience the Best Ever, a few of us old timers here at Bwog have compiled an NSOP bucketlist (based on our own experiences) to make sure you get the most out of this wild week. 

  • Get a fake ID
  • Walk the Brooklyn bridge
  • Get into a bar with an ID that isn’t yours
  • Go to a Carman party
  • Go to the Museum of Sex
  • Do a photoshoot in your Carman room
  • Host a Carman party
  • Go to Coney Island!!
  • Smoke w**d in Riverside Park
  • Grab a friend, start walking in a random direction, and let yourself get super lost. Best way to explore the city.
  • Rush a Broadway show while you still have the energy to wake up super early for it
  • Go to Absolute Bagels
  • Go to Hungarian Bakery, but don’t bring a Tinder date there
  • Take advantage of your CUID and go to a museum for free
  • (Second the go to Hungarian)
  • Go to Suite
  • Get and get over a crush
  • Buy your own w**d for the first time
  • Go to 1020 using your fake ID (or get there before they start carding)
  • Ask a random person for a sign in to the dorm you’re trying to get into
  • Hang out on Low Steps
  • Buy alcohol at International
  • Hook up with someone from your sibling NSOP group
  • Hook up with someone from your own NSOP group
  • Sneak alcohol in your college-branded tote
  • Go to Smorgasburg before it closes!!
  • Try to push the tooth statue (officially known as three-way piece: points) near the International Affairs Building
  • Watch the sunset from the top floor of the International Affairs Building
  • Go to one of the “NYC Welcome Week” parties (I did this; I hated it, but it was definitely an experience)
  • Go to the 20th floor of EC and admire the view from the lounge before all the seniors move in and you feel awkward there

Note: Bwog does not condone the use of illegal substances.

Image via Columbia University

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  • anon! says:

    @anon! real NSOP bucket list:

    1. spend 3 hours crying in your dorm room hoping ur roommate doesn’t find you
    2. get Anxious TM in the communal bathroom while brushing your teeth and trying to avoid eye contact in the mirror with the other person brushing their teeth
    3. watch netflix till 2am alone under your covers and be unbearably tired for any and all activities the next day
    4. be too nervous to talk to anyone ever
    5. spill soy sauce on a marble bench in the quad and flee the scene
    6. feel all-consuming dread all the time
    7. have your academic dreams crushed by your advisor
    8. sign up for 15 clubs at the fair but then be too tired to actually go to any of them
    9. don’t go to any parties or explore NYC at all bc you are too tired and it’s also 100 degrees and also did i mention your are going through a depressive episode
    10. why the fuck are we eating in tents!!
    11. find roach in dorm. name roach seymour. kill seymour. hold cockroach funeral.
    12. make friends with people you will never speak to again after NSOP
    13. learn to use subway
    14. try to buy a fake and chicken out at the last second
    15. wish you had gone to barnard

    guess which anon did all of these things! happy nsop!

  • senior says:

    @senior i just want to emphasize how much more enjoyable your nsop/freshman year/life in general will be if u take care of the fake shit before coming to campus yes alcohol is all that matters in this life if u disagree byeeeeeeeee loser

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