CU Basketball Tricked By Michigan State Fans?

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This past Friday’s away game for Columbia Basketball at Michigan State ended with a win for MSU at a score of 62-53. However, a front-page Reddit post has sparked off-topic at times heated discussion over MSU fans shouting the wrong shot clock countdowns, causing Columbia to take their shots at the wrong times. The Lions didn’t score again after their two consecutive shot clock violations.

The real lesson from this is that the home crowd can be a game-changer. And that wisdom occasionally comes from Reddit. The next home game for the Lions is Nov. 26th at 7 pm, (and next Friday at noon for the women’s team). Come out and cheer them on!

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  1. Imagine if we'd  

    actually beaten MS, would've been cool as shit! Way to go team!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Even though we lost, I am so proud of you guys! I mean, we should not even be playing a Big Ten team. But our Lions were great!

  3. Anonymous  

    lmao at the royals tag

  4. CU Basketball's #1 Fan  

    Roar Lion, Roar!

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