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Spring 2021

It’s Bwog, not BWOG.

Editor in Chief
Lauren Kahme

Managing Editor
Caroline Mullooly

Internal Editor
Aditi Misra

Social Media Editor
Owen Fitzgerald-Diaz
Social Team:
Aditi Misra
Alyse Rovner
Eliza Staples
Ruby Mustill

Arts Editor
Maya Campbell
Deputy Arts Editor: Adam Kluge

Events Editor
Julia Tolda
Deputy Events Editor: Grace Fitzgerald-Diaz

Sports Editor
Eunice Bae

Science Editor
Sarah Braner
Deputy Science Editor: Chloe Gong

Deputy Editors
Mary Clare Greenlees
Lillian Rountree

News Editor
Victoria Borlando
Deputy News Editor: Donna Qi

Photo & Video
Visual Editor: Jordan Merrill
Illustrators: Ashley Canales
Evelyn Van Ness
Joyce Jiang
Lee Goldenberg
Shane Maughn
Lia Jung

Bureau Chiefs
CCSC: Maddie Goodman
ESC: Leora Schloss
SGA: Eliza Staples

Editors Emeritua
Zoe Sottile and Vivian Zhou

Alma “Gwyneth” Bwogger
Jenny Zhu

Alma “Egg” Bwogger
Eva Sher

Zack Abrams
Charles Bacha

Tech Editor: Solomia Dzhaman
Nicole Pineda
Sean Kim

Daily Editors
Monday: Lillian Rountree
Tuesday: Bannon Beall
Wednesday: Rita Nguyen
Thursday:  Kylie Gall
Friday: Hannah Colfax-Lamoureux
Saturday: Anna Eggers
Sunday: Jeffrey Xiong

Senior Staff Writers
Andrew Chee
Sarah Harty
Ramisa Murshed
Idris O’Neill
Henry Golub
Regan Mies
Jeffrey Ndubisi
Jess Hu
Miyoki Walker
Ruby Mustill
Joan Tate
Oliver Niu
Skylar Li
Sam Losee
Charlotte Slovin
Daniel Ortega-Venni
Victoria Borlando
Sarah Perry
Alyse Rovner
Zach Fisher
Hibah Vora
Danielle Mikaelian
Lori Luo
Nicki Camberg
Olivia Mitchell

Staff Writers
Joya Kumar
Julia Tolda
Leora Schloss
Christa Bailey
Elena Christenfeld
William Lyman
Yuki Adams
Zane Bekheet
Amrita Banerji
Lia Jung
Alena Underwood
Alyssa Mena
Angelina Nicolosi
Anushka Kulkarni
Camille Sensiba
Daisy Lawrence
Eleanor Babwin
Ellie Rieger
Emily Zhang
Grace Fitzgerald-Diaz
Grace Novarr
Irene Jang
Jeff Davis
Jessie Zhang
Julia Tolda
Kate Barr
Maddie Goodman
Manuel Paez
Mary Bence
Mary Qiu
Panu Hejmadi
Phalaen Chang
Rania Borgani
Shira Michaeli
Sydney Contreras
Sydney Gerlach
Talia Rosen

Bwog is an independent, student-run campus news site. We publish content that is relevant to undergraduate students at the University, including breaking news; campus arts, science, and culture events; investigative features; and conspiracy theories – often packaged with a humorous voice. We also publish a weekly newsletter that packages these stories for subscribers.

We launched in January 2006 as an affiliate of The Blue and White Magazine, but are now a financially and administratively independent organization from both the magazine and Columbia University. Bwog is now published by Bwog Limited.

Bwog’s rise to legitimacy came with the Minuteman protests in the fall of 2006. Highlights in Bwog history include September 2007 when Ahmadinejad came to campus (thus creating our beloved Hawkmadinejad), comprehensive coverage of Operation Ivy League in winter 2010, breaking the news on Dean Moody-Adams’ resignation in summer 2011, and the spring 2012 announcement of President Barack Obama as Barnard’s commencement speaker. Bwog also covered the spring 2013 LitHum and Barnard cheating scandals, and broke the news on the wrestling team’s GroupMe in fall 2016. Most recently, we broke the story about student Julian von Abele’s racist rant in front of Butler.

Bwog can be found on Twitter, where we crack jokes and livetweet coverage of student events; Instagram, where we post everything from weird overseen scenes to pictures from events around campus; and YouTube, where you can find Bwog Videos, a.k.a. Bwideos. DMs are open and submissions are welcome on all platforms.

The Bwog comment section is intended for readers to discuss relevant topics constructively and respectfully. Bwog leaves it largely self-moderated but reserves the right to step in, as per our comment policy.

If you are interested in joining Bwog or have a tip to submit, email us at, or come to our open weekly meetings every Sunday at 9 pm in Lerner 510. For inquiries concerning advertisements, contact