Apply to be an Illustrator and your work could be featured on our site till the end of time!

Do you have a passion for painting? A desire for drawing? Or maybe you’re a photoshop wiz, and you need to scratch your graphic design itch.

Wherever your creativity lies, we want YOU to join the Illustration Team at Bwog! Illustrators partner with our Staff Writers to create headers and images for our articles—so we don’t have to use blurry and boring stock photos. Illustrators can also pitch projects of their own, including entirely visual articles.

As an Illustrator, you will attend Bwog meetings Sunday at 9 pm to pitch your ideas and partner with our writers. You’ll join Bwog’s vibrant, social community and bring your ideas to life on the laptop-sized big screen.

To apply to be an Illustrator fill out the application below and email it to by 11:59 pm EST on Friday, September 17. Please send in your application as a PDF titled “*First Name* App.”

Fall 2021 Illustrator Application

About Bwog:

  1. Why do you want to join Bwog?
  2. What do you think Bwog is?
  3. Draw Bwog.
  4. What kind of articles would you be most interested in illustrating for Bwog?
  5. Pick a Bwog illustration you enjoyed, an illustration you think needs improvement, and explain why for both choices.

About You:

  1. What mediums do you work with? (Examples include but are not limited to: painting, drawing, photoshop, photo, etc.)
  2. Are you familiar with the process of converting your art into a digital format? If yes, explain how you would do so.
  3. Provide up to three examples of your work.
  4. Pick a student government organization that Bwog covers (GSSCSGACCSC, or ESC). Create a quick thumbnail sketch for one of these weekly articles and tell us a bit about it. (We don’t need anything complete! We just want to get a sense of what you might create.)
  5. Are you interested in creating an entirely visual article, in the same vein as Comic and Bwetchpad? If yes, outline your idea and how you would execute it.

Kindergarten to College Illustration via Illustrator Shane Maughn