Marching Band of Manhattan

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Overheard on College Walk, late last night: 

Guy: Well YOU go to Columbia! Shouldn’t YOU know where all the parties are?

Girl: Yeah. But it’s just a shame you’re not here on Orgo Night.

Guy: What is it? Wait- doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t want to go.

Girl: (angrily) Well its not like you would have a choice. You don’t go to Orgo Night. (pause) It’s more like Orgo Night goes to you.

 Tonight at 11:59 pm in El Butler. Be there, or don’t be there.

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  1. and  

    all i have to say is...


  2. ???  

    Bwog, what on earth is going on in that picture?

  3. Riven  

    Yeah, Sweet child of mine by an orchestra is just great to hear at 0:35 AM before exams start ^^

  4. Riven  

    No, i was serious, I enjoyed it ;)

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