New-ish restaurant on the block: China de Puebla

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Bwog freelancer Steven Thomas introduces us to a departure from the campus culinary norm.

dfgfdLocated just off of LaSalle on Broadway, two-month-old China de Puebla serves up an intruiguing array of Chinese-Mexican fusion, or as they put it: “Mexican food with a Chinese accent.”  I’m pretty sure that the young restaurant’s business will pick up once it lands a liquor license, but when I went on Friday night, I saw only two other couples in the entire restaurant.  The trendy décor contributed to the feeling that this restaurant would be more at home farther downtown–but it’s not, and it’ll be a welcome infusion of imagination into the Morningside restaurant scene (and takeout options!).  The owner also plans to hold regular happy hours and also mentioned converting the restaurant to a more bar-like atmosphere in the evenings (maybe after the competition started closing up shop).

The food, though pricey, was inventive and ambitious. Tortilla and shrimp crisps substituted for the run-of-the mill chip basket (for those who are unfamiliar, shrimp chips are an Asian snack food with a texture similar to Styrofoam) with a fresh pico de gallo.  For an appetizer, I had the Hoisin Braised Duck Carnitas Empanada, a wonderful combination of Asian style duck in a fluffy shell with a chipotle aioli sauce.  For the main course, I had two tempura shrimp tacos with black beans and a wasabi crème sauce.  I couldn’t taste much of the shrimp–wasabi doesn’t give itself to subtle flavors–but it was prepared excellently.

The menu changes regularly, as the one listed on the restaurant website is quite different from the one they were serving this past week.  The service was excellent and very attentive, although being one of six patrons probably helped.  Worth a visit, at least to give them credit for a not-your-typical-student-fare concept.

Appetizers $9, Entrée $17, Dessert $7.

Picture yanked from www.mouthfulsfood.com.

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  1. $9 appetizers  

    & they're on 123rd & Bway. They're doomed.

  2. Yum

    Yum, a gob of spit in every bite. Mine.

  3. knockoff  

    asia de cuba?

  4. re: $9 appetizers

    pisticci, max soha,kitchenette and toast are all in that area and doing fine.

    maybe they'll pull through. the restaurant business is hard, though.

  5. mexican

    food with a chinese accent? Don't we already have that in m2m's shameful fajitas?

  6. poop

    this review tastes like poop

    thank you, steven thomas, for spoon feeding me poop

  7. kate

    i've had those tacos.. they were highly disappointing

  8. dub  

    dear new york,

    please learn how to make a proper burrito or taco before attempting any sort of fusion thereof. furthermore, california's high concentration of latinos and asians combined with it's superior meats, produce and experience with fusion cuisine would make it a natural home for chinese-mexican fusion. you may notice that no such thing exists in california, there is a reason why.


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