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Ever made your way over to Lerner’s iconic ramps for a midday break only to be inundated, upon arrival, by the wafting of piano scales?  Bwog has also encountered those mysterious etudes on a number of occasions, but today we were in for quite the surprise. 

While taking time away from surveying the cracks and stains in the ramps this afternoon, Bwog had the pleasure of nestling down on the far end of the large, red, and suede swirly chair in the Lerner Piano Lounge to take in, for a brief moment, the second incarnation of “Music on the Ramps,” (the first was last week). 

Courtesy of a free music and food event hosted by the appropriately named new student group Live at Lerner, the smell of fresh churros coupled nicely today with the sweet sound of music, ensuring that the almost-daily rendition of Beethoven’s “Sonata Pathetique” would have to wait, if only temporarily.  

Free churro and tortilla chips in hand, Bwog enjoyed a merry serenade courtesy of Jacob Friedman, devoured a selection from the New Congress’s repertoire, and delighted in the soulful strums of Tony Gong’s guitar. 

Just in cased you missed out on Lernerpalooza, Bwog’s received footage of the New Congress’s performance, courtesy of our talented videographer Jason Alarcon! 

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  1. Irked

    Anyone up for gluing the the Piano lounge piano shut so that the lounge can be a usable student space? I'm not saying don't practice...just keep the volume at a reasonable level. Is that too much to ask?

  2. looks like  

    a huge crowd turned out. looks like a girl just straight up left in the middle of the performance.

  3. some could  

    just detune it and the piano players will be gone for a while.

  4. Sergei Rachmaninoff

    In fairness, the sound permeates the first two floors at least. I suppose the architects and people who allocated space in Lerner Hall thought it would be relaxing for students to sit in a "piano lounge" when resting between or after classes. Well, they were wrong, needless to say. Even if you're Rachmaninoff, no one wants to hear you in mid-day. "Piano" and "lounge" are antonyms in a building with flood-lights and no alcohol.

  5. Erm

    I actually enjoy it when a decent player is at the piano while I'm reading. I used to study in the piano lounges just for that reason as I found it to be rather calming.

  6. this  

    seems awesome, is it going to be going on every tuesday afternoon? i may stop by next week...

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