Barnard Will Be Closed on Thursday

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As many of you are aware—or, you know, not at all aware—on Thursday Deborah Spar will be inaugurated as President of Barnard. Hooray! This is an exciting thing!

But did you know that in response to the Big Inauguration, Barnard is shutting down completely? It’s true! Afternoon classes on Thursday at Barnard have been canceled. Oh, and also, all student services offices besides ResLife will be closed, from 1 PM – 5 PM.

This includes Health Services, but don’t worry, there’s going to be an “on-call” number if any dissident dare chooses to have a medical emergency during the ceremony. “Should you have a medical emergency while the Inauguration is in progress, you may call 212-854-2091 and someone will return your call,” wrote Dean of the College Dorothy Denberg in an email to BC students.

And if you’re subversive enough to have planned on getting your mail on Thursday, don’t even think about it. Mail services will be open for three hours, but they’re not FedExing anything, the whole day. You can take you precious mail and your selfish medical emergencies to the FexEx in 116.

A collection of said emails after the jump.

To:     Barnard Community

From:   Alan Anderson, Director of Mail & Document Services

       Doug Maget, Director of Purchasing

Due to Inauguration events on Thursday, October 23, Central Receiving and Mail & Document Services will have reduced hours and services. Mail and packages will be accepted at the College until noon, and deliveries to offices will take place in the morning only.

The Mail Services window will be open from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. only. No outgoing mail or FedEx items will be picked up at Barnard on October 23. USPS mail and FedEx items left in Mail Services on Thursday will not be sent until Friday, October 24. Faculty and staff who need to send FedEx items on Thursday should prepare their labels online and then drop the items off at the FedEx storefront on Broadway and 116th Street.

Purchasing and Mail & Document Services will close our offices at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday and resume normal hours on Friday, October 24.

To All Students

From Dorothy Denburg, Dean of the College

On Thursday, October 23rd, all student services offices, with the exception of Residential Life, will close from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM so that student services staff, along with all other members of the Barnard community, can attend the Inauguration of President Spar at Riverside Church and the celebration that will follow.  Residential Life will remain open for emergencies, and an emergency on-call service will be in effect in both Counseling and Health Services.  Should you have a medical emergency while the Inauguration is in progress, you may call 212-854-2091 and someone will return your call.  Should you need to speak with someone in Counseling, you may call 212-854-2092, and someone will return your call.

We hope to see you on Thursday.

With best wishes,

Dorothy Denburg

Greetings Barnard,

It is finally here…President Spar’s Inauguration!  All Barnard Thursday afternoon classes are canceled so that you can attend this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to welcome our new president.  ALL STUDENTS ARE WELCOME.  You do not need to have RSVP-ed in order to attend.

WHEN: Thursday, 10/23, Ceremony 2 PM, Celebration 4-6 PM

WHERE: Ceremony @ Riverside Church, Celebration @ Claremont Ave (between 117th & 119th Sts.)


SGA Executive Board

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  1. Columbia Student  

    This is a step in the right direction of closing Barnard down for good.

  2. fedex  

    You could also fedex from Lerner Package Center, 4th floor across from the YuckiDLite Lounge

  3. Solution  

    to the Space Crunch problem:

    Make Barnard co-ed, and merge them into Columbia. No Manhattanville necessary. Current students can live out their 4 years on their existing campus and can operate, for all intents and purposes, as Barnard students, but get a Columbia degree. Win-win.

  4. Anonymous  

    barnard girls are hotter than cc girls maybe cus theyre not nerdy loosers. id rather a girl a little dumber but a lot more fun.i know a lot of guys who would kill themselves here if it wasnt for barnard

  5. huh

    When were they going to notify CC kids who take Barnard classes about this? I would've ended up shlepping to class on Thursday if it hadn't been for Bwog...

  6. ...  

    maybe if you went to class you would know. dipshit.

  7. i love how

    columbia guys think they're so much cooler than columbia girls. i've learned that the guys are just as lame (if not lamer) and their boosted egos have more to do with the fact that they're a scarce commodity than anything else.

  8. well  

    it's because only the classes between 1-5 are canceled. if your teacher didn't mention it you probably still have class.

  9. columbia student  

    with all the stupid animosity we have on this campus i cant believe you would actually write such a nasty post. instead of looking at how amazing and historic this event is you choose to make fun of it. way to go bwog!

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