QuickTix: Lions Win!

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Back today and here to stay on alternate Wednesdays, QuickTix brings you the most popular shows and tips on what to see from behind the desk of the TIC. So far, what have October’s top shows been? 

5. American Masters presents Joan Baez.

4. “Oleanna.” Just maybe because one of the stars is Columbia alum and last-dance-saver Julia Stiles.

3. The American Ballet Theatre. Sophistication, ahoy!

2. The Met’s new production of “Tosca.” Bwog wonders whether the cheap prices will make it harder to boo.

1. “The Lion King.” Not surprising, really, though it does make the lions joke almost too easy.

No luck if you’re already headed to the TIC website to get tickets to the next Baez number, it was unfortunately a one time thing. Tickets for future shows of the other top four are available though, and “Oleanna” and the American Ballet only cost around $30. The TIC also recommends the New York Arabic Orchestra, playing for $22, and a few superindie concerts at Le Poisson Rouge next week for just $11.

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