Bwoglines: Works in Process Edition

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Large Hadron Collider turned on, and actually working. (BBC)

Barnard faculty reduce course load. (Spec)

Nearly half of all the Performance artist at MoMA is challenged to become part of another’s conceptual piece. (Gothamist)

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  1. Anonymous  

    Haha Anya Liftig is awesome.

  2. ha  

    Barnard faculty reducing courseload? BULLSHIT. Barnard students take like 4 classes a semester. Some do 3 and some do 2, which is utterly ridiculous.

    • Anonymous  

      firstly: the statement that barnard students only take 4 classes a semester is ridiculous and frankly, not at all true. Barnard students need the same number of credits to graduate as columbia students, and take the same number of courses and do the same amount of work... we just do it all a hell of a lot less arrogantly than you do, dear "ha."

      secondly: if you had actually READ the article (gasp!) you would know that it was referring to the fact that there will be fewer courses OFFERED at Barnard, not fewer classes taken...

      ...the whole putting down Barnard bullshit is really starting to get fucking old. Go grow a pair and feel confident enough in your own intellectual ability and academic pursuits to feel like you don't need to spend your time disparaging Barnard students.

      love, a "ridiculous" Barnard student.

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