It’s Time to Start Stocking Up

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Friends, today is a sad day. From this day onward, beer distributors will no longer deliver our beloved Four Loko into New York. Though retailers (read: CrackDel) will still be able to sell Four Loko (provided they can prove that it was ordered before the 10th), there shall soon be a day when nights of “going Loko” are just a fond memory…not that you’d remember (or even want to remember) your night, anyway. The Four Loko era has marked us all, mostly in the form of incredibly embarrassing inebriation. Bwog foresees the rise of the Four Loko speakeasy—coming to an EC suite near you!

Farewell, dear Loko. It’s been real.

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  1. the tags  

    are the only reason I ever read these four loko articles. lolz

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