Get ready for some top-tier 17-syllable poetry!

I’ve learned so much in my classes this semester, so the least I could do is dedicate some amazing haikus to them! Consider these love poems for my classes. (It’s actually more accurate to say: “It’s complicated.”)

Data: Past, Present, and Future (HSAMUN2901)

History and stats.

Two professors and Python.

What is going on?


European History Since 1789 (HISTBC1302) 

Rousseau and Marat.

Romantics: Shelley, Byron.

Wow! Lots of white guys!


Lit. and Revolution (20th C. Literature) (RUSSUN3221)

Very nuanced texts.

Sadly, I don’t speak Russian.

Lost in translation.


Life in the Universe (ASTRBC1753)

STEM for non-STEM kids.

Unfortunate physics week.

That star is pretty!


Reading the Future (FYWBBC1126)

Writing seminar.

Is the future bright or bleak?

I love close reading.

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