Drinking with Bwog: The Deantini

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Just like Valentini!

It's just so Italian.

While getting drunk on WuWus last weekend, Bwog had a moment of genius. We realized that the Deantini, though a fabulous nickname, had the potential to be something more. And by something more, we meant more alcoholic. We turned to Drinking with Bwog all-stars Elliott Grieco, Matt Kalish, and Nick Miyares for help. Our only instruction? “Valentini tells us he enjoys Campari.” Here’s what they came up with (their first original drink on Bwog!):

This drink honors our beloved, newly-nicknamed Deantini. Since we’re all Deantini fans here at the CBA, we took Bwog’s challenge and made it personal. After hours of experimenting with our dean’s most favorite of potent potables, we’ve come up with something that we think you’re really going to like.

The Deantini (a.k.a. The Dirty Valentini):

3.5 oz Grey Goose Vodka
0.5 oz Campari
Splash of Olive Juice

Shake with ice, serve straight up, and garnish with an olive.

Note: The word “dirty” in mixology indicates a splash of olive juice added to a regular martini. It is in no way meant to describe our new dean ;).

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  1. Anonymous  

    yes yes yes. i love this. now i know what to do with the massive bottle of campari stored in my fridge other than pretend i'm in Mad Men.

  2. bwog  

    killin it with the tags today

  3. E. Grieco

    Note: this drink recipe also required the contributions of Andrea Rosengarten and Cameron McClure. And I add as a Bwog commenter that this in fact tastes amazing!

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