Bwoglines: Drugs, Drugs, Drugs Edition

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Drugs: they're in our DNA!

Drugs: they’re in our DNA!

Canada to conduct study using MDMA to treat patients with PTSD. Bwog’s reaction: OMFG! (Vice)

Last night President Obama must have been on some serious shit. Either that or Daniel Day Lewis is even better than we thought. (The Guardian)

Bwog is now officially ten times more terrified for its mandatory drug test. (Gawker)






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  1. Anonymous  

    spec supports drugs spec sucks!!!! spec sucks dot word press dot com

    • Amman  

      I know ur tadpole of a mother died while poledancing for a specster, but you have to stop this enseless banter Penelope. If you do not gert help for your own addiction to pornography and hantai you will end up like the homeless man in front of M&W. So please seek help before its too late because we all love you here in Hell and want to see you turn out well.

  2. Blunts in Butler

    I'm still stoned.

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