1. Trinidad James  

    On Instagram straight flexin....

  2. how article writing works

    first you describe what happened at the event. then, you provide some analysis/interpretation. so no need to put "While many interesting tidbits and pieces of trivia about MDMA were thrown around, there was little chance for the panelists to reach a deeper conclusion about the relationship of the drug with any community." in the first paragraph because somebody who wasn't there doesn't know what the fukk your talking about.

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry, bwog. I gotta agree. This is not the best article you've ever written.

  4. Lilith

    It's a shame that MDMA is quite rare in the U.S. People are buying what they think is MDMA but are indeed buying Methylone, MPDV and other research chemicals that make you feel high and stimulated but lack the "magic" of MDMA.

  5. Malakkar

    Chemical elitism is the slippery slope back to prohibition.

    Both methylone and MDPV have their purposes; they are not necessary coincidental with MDMA, Saying they lack the "magic" of MDMA puts MDMA on a platform, an undeserved one, and one used very often to stigmatize or otherwise disparage.

    These are all chemicals, they should be used as needed for whatever purposes they're best suited for. Some field reports place methylone above MDMA for emotional exploration, due to a diminished perception of "rush" intoxication effects, allowing the user to not be distracted by the onset of its effects. Further research into methylone's therapeutic potential has unfortunately been shut down in the U.S. by knee-jerk reactions and media demonizing. As an MDMA beta ketone, its chemical structure showed a lot of promise as a less-intense intoxicant, which could be critical for whose who have exhibited a high level ofsensitivity to MDMA.

    That being said, passing off methylone as MDMA is dishonest, criminal, and potentially dangerous activity. It is also the direct consequence of the current use of prohibition, rather than sanity, in developing and executing drug policy in the U.S., with influences having exported the lunacy nearly worldwide.

    MDMA is not quite rare, placed 17% of samples pure in 2012 and 18% were MDMA and something else. While the adulteration is problematic, and unfortunate, it belies the claim that MDMA is quite rare. 1 in 3 cases, MDMA was present in a sample submitted. Take context - these are not random samples, these are specifically sent to because they are suspected to be fake or adulterated. It is uncertain how this affects the overall picture. but regardless lays false the claim of rarity.

    As to the article, it closes poorly, MDMA is not the least understood or mysterious chemical or psychoactive out there. Ibogaine's ability to completely disrupt addiction, even the hardcore physical pain level of deep heroin addiction, so that an addict doesn't feel pain the next day when they don't "get well" is much more mysterious. Why almost all DMT-using cultures feature artwork with dual helices, entertwined snakes, and similar symbolism in the shape/form of DNA is another much more interesting inquiry, IMO, then a stimulant with promising therapeutic traits unfairly banned by knee-jerk cultural reactionism rooted in Puritan beliefs circa 1700.

  6. RPel

    Yeah, whomever wrote this knows little of MDMA. It is most commonly used by rich middle class white kids.
    There are very real dangers that come with taking an unknown substance that someone claims to be MDMA because it comes in a blue pill with a butterfly, or even worse, a gelatin capsule with white powder in it. You have no idea whats in that stuff unless you test it, therefore, that Fox News video has a leg to stand on. I would not want my kids taking random mysterious white powders. MDMA is pretty safe... when you know it is MDMA.

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