Come, Eat the Free Grilled Cheese

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A lovely grilled cheese, just for me.

A lovely grilled cheese, just for me.

The Columbia Culinary Society extends their best grilled cheese to you tonight:

at 9 PM in the East Ramp Lounge, the Culinary Society will be hosting a Grilled Cheese Faceoff between us and the grilling masters of Feelgood. Although we will have this event judged by a panel, each team is responsible for making 80+ tasting portions for spectators to try! So take a break from studying and come eat some amazing grilled cheese sandwiches with us next Tuesday and to see which team will be named the masters of grilled cheese!

Also, this event will be a charity event for Feelgood. We are not charging for people to taste, but we would love it if everyone could contribute a couple of dollars towards Feelgood’s cause of ending world hunger. If everyone does that, we could raise over 200 dollars for Feelgood, which would be incredible.

Bwog will see you there!

Buttered and toasted white bread with some cheddar cheese between via Shutterstock.

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  1. more grilled cheese 4 me  

    nobody come to this. its a prank!!

  2. snax on snax on snax


    I cannot wait

  3. Sad Alum

    What why didnt anyone do this when I was around?!!?! I had to pay 2 bucks for my sammie...

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