No Red Tape Protests At Days On Campus

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No Red Tape Columbia, a group which fights for better sexual assault policies and practices, is protesting outside the Days on Campus activity fair in Lerner. Witnesses say that No Red Tape are being asked to leave, but several activists are still outside Lerner with red tape over their mouths, handing out letters to prospies.

The letters criticize Columbia’s sexual assault education and prevention programs, support services, disciplinary policies, and the actions of administrators. They also offer a list of questions about sexual assault for prospies to ask campus representatives.

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  1. anonfg  

    This is a great move to get to the administration

  2. no red tape  

    for everything @columbia period.

  3. "Witnesses"

    You mean Emma Bogler, from Spec?

  4. Anonymous

    this would freak me out if i were a prospie

  5. Arsene Wenger /Europa_League/ edition  

    Would No Red Tape Columbia be able to cut out some of the red tape in the European transfer market this summer? It would allow us to find more top top quality in Ligue 2 and the Eredivisie

  6. This

    is such fucking bullshit.

    You're not going to attract the best and brightest to actually come to our school and maybe be the kind of people who can help change things by scaring the shit out of a bunch of high school seniors. No one can doubt No Red Tape's intentions, but this is fucking sacred territory, you have to know when to keep your fucking voices down or bide your time for the betterment of the whole community. Some people actually like it here and want others to share in our good experiences and traditions, like protesting for and protecting the underrepresented and the silenced, that doesn't mean we are going to put on Orgo Night for a bunch of prospies.

    • yeah  

      I wouldn't want to go to a school where I could get raped and nothing would be done about it either.

      • That's

        not what No Red Tape is about. They aren't trying to discourage students from attending Columbia, they're trying to leverage their fear against the university, which is wrong. No Red Tape is also protesting a specific part of the post-sexual assault/violence/rape procedure (concerning how the school deals with alleged attackers). There are a shit ton of support sources and networks to help students who are victims, don't belittle the wonderful work they do to support the student body. Columbia is not alone in failing to properly handle follow-ups to rape incidents, but we also aren't failing entirely. The way to fix a problem isn't to avoid it or alienate the kinds of people who could help in the fight.

    • Someone who was there  

      Hi! I think if you read the letter, you'll see that no one is discouraging prospies from attending Columbia. We just want students to start asking questions about how universities handle sexual assault when they visit colleges and make their decision of where to matriculate. This way all universities will be forced to meet with students to come up with solutions so they actually have answers to give. It's very telling that admissions tried to shut us up, kick us out, and continue to cover up the problem, which is what we're trying to highlight.

      When a parent asked "should my child not go here?" we responded: "They should come here, and they should be a part of the solution!" That was the goal of this action.

      • LOL  

        you're a fucking moron.

        THINK to yourself before stating anything.

      • Prospie

        As a prospie at days on campus this past weekend (and having decided on columbia) the deeply rooted history of activism at columbia was a major pull. Nobody is doubting the importance of this issue–I am a supporter of No Red Tape and hope to join the fight once I'm at Columbia–however, handing out flyers to prefrosh is not the correct context to address the issue. Yes, awareness is key, but reading that letter (which we prefrosh were all in support of) was very very discouraging. Would it not have accomplished the same goal speaking of the widespread inadequacies of prevention and care programs on schools nationwide? There was no need (in this context) to bash Columbia–we were accepted, we are almost all aware of the issue at Columbia and have been following it intensely. Let us make our decision and see the sell of columbia in the best possible light–all other schools will get a fare shot, allow columbia! We must always have dialogue and discussion on this topic, but in all honesty, it didn't feel right at days on campus to us prefrosh. It wasn't the time or place (or the correct audience)...I applaud the fight, but am extremely disappointed in the context

    • Anonymous  

      "this is fucking sacred territory" lol ain't nothin more sacred than the hallowed halls of Carman stained with refresh vomit

  7. first of all, lose the profanity

    The smartest high-schoolers would be encouraged to come by this letter. They'll know that they're on a campus where students tell the truth. They'll want to be part of that dialogue.

    Lower quality colleges are the ones that have to put on happy-shiny-people events for prospies, in order to cover up the school's deficiencies.

    • LOL  


      Yeah, right. Amplifying fear in front of poor high school kids trying to make a decision is a great thing to do, of course.

      And the poor tour guides. They volunteer for fuck's sake. Because they want to help. If you bombard them with such questions, they're just gonna fuck up.

      This is like having doctors and nurses in an ICU having a strike.

  8. prospective student  

    I'm here at CU for days on campus and my parents freaked out when I showed them that letter. I'm not sure I'm coming here but the impact was definitely not positive...

  9. Anonymous  

    It's a quick way to make sure anyone who is concerned about the problem of sexual assault choose not to come to Columbia while leaving those who think it's not an issue to come instead...

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