“Lovely, Power-Hungry Institution.” (CU On Yelp)

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Lovely, power-hungry institution

Lovely, power-hungry institution

You’ve seen Yelp reviews of restaurants, bars, and maybe even some performance halls – but did you know that you can also review Columbia? This website is the last place you’d want to look for opinions when choosing which college to attend, but it is also, apparently, the best place for many to get out their frustration at this institution, as  one Bwogger discovered last week when procrastinating by scrolling through MoHi Yelp reviews. She decided to sort reviews of Columbia from lowest to highest, and discovered a treasure trove of disgruntled former students, community visitors, and friends from rival schools who thought Yelp was the best platform upon which to voice their  opinions.

You can try out our new favorite procrastination method for yourself here, or check out a few notable reviews that we’ve compiled below.

How much is tuition again?

Wishing they were anywhere else

The But and the Lern

Dodging Dodge

Tearing into TC

And finally: the least favorable Barnard review

The tiniest campus

The tiniest campus

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