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Summer 2018

It’s Bwog, not BWOG.

Editor in Chief
Youngweon Lee

Managing Editor
Betsy Ladyzhets

Internal Editor
Sarah Kinney

Social Media Editor
Zack Abrams

Arts Editor
Riva Weinstein

Events Editor

Sports Editor
Abby Rubel

Science Editor
Alex Tang

Deputy Editors
Jenny Zhu

Senior Staff Writers
Sarah Dahl
Gabrielle Kloppers
Angelica Lagasca
Timmy Wu
Thomas Saenz
Sarah Harty
Isabel Sepúlveda
Idris O’Neill
Ramisa Murshed
Levi Cohen
Lucy Danger

Editores Emeriti
Amara Banks
Finn Klauber
Victoria Arancio

Alma “Bagel” Bwogger
Amara Banks



The Blue & White

Spring 2018

Editor in Chief
Caroline Hurley

Isaiah Bennett

Investigations Editor
Ufon Umanah

Layout Editor
Aaron Su

Senior Illustrator
Jennifer Bi

Staff Illustrators
Yotam Deree
Sahra Denner

Staff Photographer
Paulina Fein

Editor Emeritus 
Alex Swanson
Channing Prend




James Fast
Nikolas Huth

Associate Publishers
Andrew Penn
Matthew Wayland

Director: Katiana Klain

Social Media Staff
Video Producer: Camille Ramos
Social Media Consultant: Jamie Grimstad

Kevin “The WordPress Daddy” Chen
Fernando “The Wall” Pascual
Jack “White Mamba” Damon

Bureau Chiefs
CCSC: Nadra Rahman
ESC: Finn Klauber
SGA: Dassi Karp
GSSC: Zoe Sottile

Daily Editors
Monday: TBD
Tuesday: TBD
Wednesday: TBD
Thursday: TBD
Friday: TBD
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: TBD

Staff Writers
Danielle Mikaelian
Cara Hudson-Erdman
Mary Welsh
Jake Tibbetts
Olga Ivleva
Iga Szlendak
Riya Mirchandaney
Michael Wang
Zoe Ewing










Managing Editor

Esmé Ablaza

Senior Editors
Sophie Levy
Jasmine Park
Ryan Mohen
Hugh Cecil
Virginia Ambeliotis

Staff Writers
Ottille Lighte
Casey Davis
Gage Hodgen
Gabrielle Edwards
Mary Dawson
Allisen Lichtenstein
Jorge Solis

Tech Deputy
Caroline Jobson

Bwog is an independent, student-run campus news site. After being launched in January 2006 as the online incarnation of The Blue and White magazine— intended to post stories that warranted immediate attention, such as free food alerts and breaking news—Bwog developed into Columbia’s preeminent campus blog separate from the magazine.  While our focus remains set on the university and we retain ties to The Blue and White, we are a financially and administratively independent organization, published by Blue and White Publishing Inc.

Bwog is completely student-run and publishes multiple posts a day during the academic year. Our goal is to alert students to information of interest and offer a critical perspective on life at Columbia. This includes news from the administration, campus gossip, and events—in addition to, still, free food. We post what you should have heard about as a member of the Columbia community, packaged with bad puns and coarse jokes.

Bwog’s rise to legitimacy came with the Minuteman protests in the fall of 2006. Other highlights in Bwog history include September 2007 when Ahmadinejad came to campus—thus creating our beloved Hawkmadinejad—comprehensive coverage of Operation Ivy League in winter 2010, breaking the news on Dean Moody-Adams’ resignation in summer 2011, and the spring 2012 announcement of President Barack Obama as Barnard’s commencement speaker.

As seen in the case of Obamanard, the Bwog comment section is vibrant and active. This space is intended for readers to discuss relevant topics constructively and respectfully. Bwog leaves it largely self-moderated, but reserves the right to step in, as per our comment policy.

If you are interested in joining Bwog or have juicy news and gossip, email us at tips@bwog.com, or come to our open weekly meetings every Sunday at 9 pm in the Lerner SGO. For inquiries concerning advertisements, contact ads@bwog.com.

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