BREAKING: Obama to Speak at Barnard’s Commencement

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In hugely unexpected news, Barnard has canceled Jill Abramson’s appearance at this year’s Commencement, in favor of the President of the United States, CC ’83. Barack Hussein Obama is confirmed to be delivering this year’s keynote address at Barnard’s graduating ceremony. Students have been campaigning to bring Obama to Columbia’s commencement for years, from casual sighs around this time of year, to the full-scale media onslaught that was the POTUS project of Sean Udell, CCSC class president of 2011. Apparently, all it took was Barnard’s Medal of Distinction.

For once, Bwog couldn’t agree more with PrezBo, who stated in the press release, “All of us can be proud that President Obama, the first Columbia graduate to serve in the nation’s highest office, has chosen to honor the importance of women’s leadership by returning to campus at our historic sister liberal arts college for women in New York.”

Barnard Prez DSpar sent the following email to the Barnard community at 10:00 am this morning:

Dear members of the Class of 2012,

I have exciting news to report. Each year, President Obama selects a small number of schools at which to deliver commencement addresses. This year, the President has chosen Barnard College and will address you, our senior class, on May 14th. This is a great honor and a testament to your collective intelligence and accomplishment. It will be a thrill for all of us to welcome President Obama and hear his words.

Jill Abramson, executive editor of The New York Times, was previously announced as the keynote speaker and has noted that she is happy to speak at Barnard at a later date.

As you might imagine, tickets for the ceremony will no longer be unlimited, but we will be as accommodating as possible to you and your families. We anticipate that each student will receive 6 tickets at a minimum. Dean Schneider and Lillian Appel will be contacting you with details on the logistics of the day, and we will continue to post updates on the Commencement website as the date approaches:

I know that you share my excitement about this very special news. As ever, I look forward to celebrating your spectacular achievements on May 14th.

Super serious photo of Barack via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I,  

    for one, could not agree less with PrezBo.

    • PiggyBacking  


      • Anonymous  

        I agree with this comment and am actually miffed that a powerful woman like Jill Abramson was pushed aside for a man, even if that man is POTUS. If the White House wanted to make a statement, I would have loved having Michelle as speaker instead. I assume I'm in the minority though.

        • No,  

          it's not "a man," it's the President of the United States. Get the fuck over it.


            Obama is a democrat. he won the last election, largely (and you can argue all you want) because he is black and historically he beat even bill clinton in the number of black turnout voters PLUS the fact that many white people were unemployed/fucked under Bush, both poor and middle class combined.
            And given the current situation regarding the economy and the national concurrence (as much as i dont COMPLETELY agree with this) that bankers and financiers are to blame for all our problems, and the fact that Ivy League schools are feeders into Wall Street, it’s not a good idea to give a speech at an elite institution where students spend $1200 on a pillow to decorate their dorm rooms.
            I am a liberal. I am a democrat. I am on 100% financial aid. I come from a low income family. I fight for the poor and for social change. But when I wore a “Columbia” sweatshirt to the airport, a random woman struck up a convo with me and in it, the first thing she said was “oh my gosh you go to columbia? wow how can you possibly afford that? your family must live in the hamptons or something for you to afford that sort of tuition! are you planning on going to wall street?” Even I could not convince her otherwise.
            Conclusion: Most Americans outside of our ivy walls do NOT understand us, do not understand how we work, do not understand that Columbia and the rest of the Ivies are now need-based, do not understand that so many of us at Ivies are in fact, very liberal and NOT rich. But they don’t know that. Unfortunately.
            NOW onto Obama. What IDIOT would make a speech at an elite institution with a reputation for churning out corporate lawyers, bankers, and plastic surgeons? What IDIOT would make a speech at an elite institution that housed John McCain’s daughter, that housed the sons and daughters of several elite Wall Street CEOs, that boasts professors who formerly commanded $50 Million salaries at Goldman Sachs? (Emanuel, im looking at you, sir)
            What IDIOT would make a speech at Columbia, when 80% of his voters have no fucking clue about what Columbia really is and that we do a lot for society other than churn out bankers and we’re an elite school for the top 1% to send their kids to?
            Obama has it bad enough that he’s been reported to have accepted millions of dollars from Goldman Sachs. But Goldman has donated millions to him. How much has Columbia donated to his campaign? A mere $75000 for a commencement speech? Please. He’d rather take Barnard and woo women voters.
            Now lets all shut the fuck up now about this tomfoolery. Roll up your sleeves and get the fuck back to work. You have a prestigious degree to earn and a future Presidency to run.

        • Anonymous

          Get over it! Columbia girls would gladly take Obama, you should be proud and privileged that such a prestigious Columbia College grad is crossing the street to speak to you at Barnard!

          • not helping the whole CC pretentious clich

            We're privileged and proud to have Obama as the commencement speaker because he's the POTUS not because he's from Columbia. Get off your high horse.

          • Anonymous

            I'm so sick of CC students thinking they are entitled. Get over it. We're all so fortunate to have to opportunity to go to Columbia. Some of us are clearly not intelligent to realize what they've been given and should have never been offered an opportunity to go here anyways. Fuck the misogyny.

          • I see what you did there

            Smooth transition between accusations of elitism to accusations of misogyny! Don't make this a gendered debate. Things are complicated enough as it is.

            Oops, too late, everyone thinks we're pigs now.

      • Epiphany...  

        Michelle Obama needs to become a rapper so her rap name can be FLOwTUS.

        We need to make this happen.

    • CC NEEDS

      Ron Paul to speak at commencement.

    • Anonymous  

      seriously though, barnard and cc/seas are gonna hate each other for another decade

    • Anonymous  

      Hahaha, this is actually the funniest thing; mad Columbia girls who despise, but at the same time are jealous of Barnard girls...

  2. Anonymous

    Barnard gets the best speakers every year! Hilary, Streep, Sandberg, now Obama

  3. ahhhh wtf

    a tag that will encompass many emotions today

    • Anonymous  

      PMSing much?

      • Jordan Borgman

        I'm sorry, why is it that every time a woman makes a comment--good or bad--she's "PMSing"? That's an incredibly sexist thing to say, not to mention degrading.

        Why whenever a man says something we disagree with we don't accuse him of having an erection when he said it or being too hyped up on testosterone (since all of us women apparently can't think due to our unfortunate estrogen)? Because, goodness knows, guys are having erections a lot more often then girls are having their periods....

        Please don't ever make such ignorant and sexist comments again. Or, if you do, why don't you sign your name at the end of it. You a man.

        -Jordan Borgman

  4. CC'12  

    As a graduating senior who has to listen to some random dude at commencement, all I can say is WTF?!?!?!?!?

    • She doesn't even go here!

      Really though... HE DIDN'T EVEN GO THERE.

    • CC'12  

      dear fellow CC seniors, we don't want OUR once in a life time class day to be full of obama's election year campaign rhetoric ! we want an AUTHENTIC and GENUINE class day speech from someone who actually has CC PRIDE!!! John MacArthur seems to be a cool dude with a long career in journalism. in a sense, MacArthur the writer can capture the essence of our COLUMBIA COLLEGE experience more than what Obama the politician can offer!

  5. Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure this will squash the "Is Barnard Columbia?" debate. CC/SEAS will definitely start spreading the news that Obama's speaking at "their school."

    • Anonymous  

      Or maybe Prezbo's comment will squash the debate...

      " our historic sister liberal arts college for women in New York."

    • Anonymous

      What's up with the thumbs down?
      I'm just saying the "Is Barnard Columbia?" debate exists and that CC/SEAS students will start posting facebook/twitter updates like "Obama's speaking at Columbia!" and that some of those people would not have strongly associated themselves/Columbia with Barnard before.

      • CC '12  

        Because that's not true. I wouldn't say that Obama is speaking at my school. Check your Facebook feed, that's not what's happening.

      • Anonymous  

        Why would we want to lower the implied standard of our education by saying that Barnard is part of Columbia?

        My intensive freshman orgo professor used to say after each exam that if you're getting Cs on your exams, drop the class and take it at Barnard for an A. Always made me lulz in my head.

        • Anonymous  

          uh, that's bullshit. Everybody knows orgo and chem is waaay harder at barnard than at columbia. get your facts straight, asshole.

        • Oops  

          Accidentally thumbed up this post because I thought it was saying that Barnard wouldn't want to imply a lower standard of education by being associated with Columbia. Oops.

        • get your facts straight  

          So Barnard is 'lowering your implied academic standard'... boohoo. So how did I, a BC student, get all A's in the highest level math classes at Columbia. If you're so sure that all BC students are just dumb and getting a Columbia diploma without doing the work, why don't you openly show all your grades that you've gotten here at Columbia ..and then we can compare them to the grades of some BC students. The point is you should stop stereotyping. Instead, if you have a problem, talk about the individual instead. Not all BC students are dumb. Some are very smart.. some are less so. The same at Columbia. I don't know how many times CC students have made idiotic comments in my classes. So, CC has stupid people too. And, it seems like you're one of them.

          • Anonymous  

            It seems that you have missed the point. I was not implying the Barnard students are stupid. I know a few that are amazing and smart people from Barnard and I'm friends with them. What I'm talking about is the curriculum at Barnard, and I think it's of a different standard from Columbia.

            Also, I'm in SEAS, my grades are awesome, and I'll be starting at a great engineering company after I graduate this May.

          • Anonymous  

            Keep running your mouth about starting a company. News flash: No one cares!

          • TRACKED!  

            This one is worth tracking...OBVIOUS TROLL IS OBVIOUS!

          • Anonymous  

            It seems that you have missed the point. I was not implying the Barnard students are stupid. I know a few that are amazing people and I'm friends with them. What I'm talking about is the curriculum at Barnard, and I think it's of a different standard from Columbia.

            Also, I'm in SEAS, my grades are awesome, and I'll be starting at a great engineering company after I graduate this May.

        • Anonymous  

          Where are all the GS kids? I want them to get angry about this! I guess they're the only ones who are not in Kindergarten

      • CC'12  

        the idea of Barnard = Columbia is BULLSHIT!
        from a quick google search...

        Barnard stats: For the class of 2012, the admission rate was 28.5% of the 4,273 applications received. The early-decision admission rate was 47.7%.

        CC stats: "The admit rate for Columbia College dropped to its lowest point ever—just 6.4 percent for the class of 2015"

        • ObamaObama  

          Since we are talking about facts:

          The graduation speaker for CC is....John MacArthur
          The graduation speaker for BC is....President Barack Obama(graduate of CC)

          Bigger OUCH!

          • Anonymous

            clearly nobody thought through the concept of not everyone wants to go to a women's college--barnard is much more self-selecting than columbia and gets significantly fewer applicants. the misogyny is disgusting.

          • Anonymous  

            it's not misogyny though. people don't hate on barnard because it's a women's college, but because of the relationship to columbia/ ambiguous status

        • Anonymous  

          I just want to point that Barnard accepts only women, already cutting the pool of potential applicants in half. And comparing the stats for 2012 and 2015 is not a fair comparison - admissions tend to get more and more competitive every year.
          Just saying this from a statistical point of view. Not commenting on the reasons behind applying to Barnard or Columbia.

          • Anonymous  

            Completely bad statistic there. The fact that they accept only women is already *factored into* their admission rate, in the class size of the school.

            Consider this: What if one year, Columbia decided to cut their class size in half? They said "Alright, anyone with an innie belly button cannot apply". Assuming that the innie/outie split is 50/50, what would happen to the acceptance rate? *nothing*! Because the innie-outie distinction is irrelevant to academic achievement, the remaining outies who applied would have an equal acceptance rate as they would have before, because there are half the spots available!

            Unless you want to claim that the male-female distinction is relevant to academic performance, noting that the class size of Columbia is almost exactly twice that of Barnard, you would expect a similar acceptance rate, assuming you think Barnard and Columbia have the same academic standards. But that's not the case. You have to drop one hypothesis or the other.

            A. Women are significantly academically inferior to men.
            B. Barnard is significantly less selective than Columbia.

            I think we know which one is the right answer.

          • dipshit stats  

            Or you could just say that not as many people apply to Barnard, which is a fact!

          • dipshit stats?  

            or indignant barnard girl who doesnt understand stats?

          • Anonymous  

            Indeed, as it is too a fact that not as many people apply to Columbia College in Calgary, Alberta. Again, if you had any understanding of statistics, you would understand that this is precisely one of the things that measuring "selectivity" of a school is intended to reflect. You would also understand that due to the relative school sizes and potential applicant pools, this comparison is perfectly valid.

            Or, in simpler terms: *That's the point*. There is not as much competition for spots at Barnard as there is for those at Columbia.

        • Anonymous  

          That doesn't mean that Barnard is better, it means it is CHEAPER. It is more women using the little loophole into getting a diploma that says Columbia.

          Economy down= people looking for a bargain

      • Anonymous  

        "CC/SEAS students will start posting facebook/twitter updates like 'Obama’s speaking at Columbia!'"

        Wow, you are seriously out of touch

    • Anonymous  

      i thought you guys prided yourselves for being an independent women's' institution...not as columbia...

  6. Anonymous  

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!

  7. Anonymous  

    First of all, as a student in CC, I will not be saying that. Second of all, I don't think it's really a debate. Barnard is an undergraduate college affiliated with Columbia University.

    • Anonymous  

      Sorry, recaptcha bugged out and lost the "reply" thing. This is in response to the Columbia/Barnard "debate" comment.

    • CC12  

      Yeah whenever I have to describe Barnard to people I always say it's the all-girls school across the street that we share shit with.

      • Anonymous

        If it's just that, then why do Barnard students get a diploma with Columbia University printed on it?

        • Anonymous

          What you SHOULD be asking is why students from Barnard get a diploma with Columbia University's name on it when they never had to get in to Columbia (Barnard's admissions process is completely independent of Columbia's), satisfy the same requirements, or be graded on the same curve.

          • why  

            do we still care about admissions?

          • Anonymous

            It's not about still caring, which I don't think many do, it's just that it's a pretty good indicator of whether or not a school is "the same".

          • Anonymous  

            I disagree. As a women's college, Barnard automatically gets a lot fewer applicants because of the single-sex aspect-- not only because guys can't attend, but because most girls want to go to a coed college. Girls who apply actually want to attend Barnard and are choosing it explicitly because they know that its strengths can complement theirs. Admissions sees this and recognizes the girls as a good fit for Barnard. etc etc

          • Anonymous

            Great, that's fine, couldn't agree more. If anything, it just provides more evidence to the fact that they're not "the same". I'm not commenting on the "better-ness" or "worse-ness" or whether or not one is more right for a student than the other, I'm just saying their different institutions in many significant ways.

          • CC/SEAS  

            Or they applied to Barnard because they couldn't get into Columbia College.
            Sorry but I do know of individuals who have done that . . .

          • Anonymous  

            Keep telling yourself that. I know so many girls who applied early to Columbia, got rejected, and then applied to Barnard. Those girls do not attend Barnard over Columbia by choice.

          • as one of those girls...

            admittedly yes, columbia was my first choice at the time. but i think it was entirely serendipitous that i ended up at barnard, which i love so so much. i truly don't think i would have loved my time at columbia nearly as much as i have loved my time at barnard.

          • Anonymous

            I feel the exact same way.

          • probably  

            because you have much less work

          • in response to "probably"

            i have many a columbia friend, and i'm pretty sure i'm just as overwhelmed with work as the next person. but that's beside the point. i have loved my time at barnard because i take (generally, but not all) great classes with professors and students who care. i have loved it because our administration does make us feel appreciated (for the most part), even if their efforts come across as corny or juvenile at times. from this thread alone the barnard environment seems to be better, since so many columbia students have had so much trouble with their administration, and a recurring theme among bwog commenters in particular is that they are frustrated with the climate at columbia. yes, a good chunk of that spills across the street. but i have had so many professors and administrators who truly seem to care and make the extra effort. i value my happiness along with my education, and i will not apologize for that.

          • Anonymous  

            but we are graded on the same curve when we take columbia classes...? if our classes are so easy, why don't you just take most of yours over here?

          • CC/SEAS  

            Because for example, you can't be a Bio major if you're taking Bio at Barnard.
            Yes, you can't even be a bio major in the college if you take it Barnard, thus proving that even Columbia College has to raise its standards.

          • ObamaObama  

            Too bad your reasoning is flawed because its vise versa. Bio majors at Barnard cannot take their Bio classes at Columbia.

          • Anonymous  

            So the real test is the non-bio pre-meds... because they are the only ones that can choose. They generally go to Barnard because it is easier

          • Anonymous  

            I do. It's awesome. every single barnard class I have taken has laughably lower expectations (in classes like history and religion, where it shouldn't actually matter)

          • Coincidentally  

            The worst class I ever took was a CC class. And two really great classes were CC courses taught by Barnard professors. Your point?

          • Anonymous  

            Except you chose to take those "easy" classes so that you can feel superior and pick on girls on the internet. Who is laughing now?

          • Pomona Student

            I came to this page after reading an article about it on Jezebel. The comments I have read on this page are revolting. I am now confident that I made the right choice to avoid applying to the Ivy League altogether because the Columbia students have proven themselves to be the very same elitist, petty shits that they are stereotyped to be and that I had hoped to avoid.

            I do not know anything from experience about the qualifications of Columbia vs. Barnard, as I did not consider either in my own application process. However, I do know that calling a woman a cum-dumpster, easy, or any other irrelevant name or slur to imply something about her academic abilities is despicable and mind-numbingly immature (not to mention a raging logical fallacy, which should be far above the intellectual standards that the Columbia students here have been puffing their chests out about).

            I cannot believe that these horrendous comments are coming out of a little petty fucking jealously. You are so inappropriately proud of your University (and trust me, it is inappropriate - you are impressive, but not that impressive), yet your behavior smacks of appalling insecurity. If I were the POTUS and I witnessed students from my alma mater behaving in such a manner, I would apologize on their behalf and threaten to sever all ties until a formal apology was issued. I can only say that he seems to have made the right decision by not speaking at Columbia.

          • CC Senior  

            thank you for trying to talk some sense into our student body. these comments are absolutely embarrassing to read.

          • Anonymous  

            Great job being upset about someone making an assumption about a group of people, while judging the entire school on one post. (We don't want you anyway)

          • Anonymous  

            What do you mean not graded on the same curve? I am BC, but all of the required classes for my major happen to be at Columbia. So, what do you have to say to a BC student getting a 3.9 GPA --based on grades from Columbia classes. Aren't we supposed to all be so stupid? Maybe you're just insecure and can't deal with the fact that students who didn't have to deal with CC admissions for whatever reason can take the same classes as you, get higher grades than you, and get the same diploma. To me, this whole Barnard/Columbia BS just stems from some Columbia kids' insecurity and jealousy. Listen, there are always going to be smart people and not so smart people--at both CC and BC. So, why don't you just stop wasting your time putting people down and stereotyping all BC students.

          • CC'13

            Frankly, this is how I see it: If you were accepted to Barnard, accepted your place there, registered there as a student, took all your classes at Columbia... you still deserve a Barnard diploma. Because that is where you are enrolled as a student. Simple as that.

          • BC14  

            Bro, we take the same classes, have the same professors, read the same texts, and write the same papers. We're in the same intellectual community.
            More importantly though, who fucking cares? Does it really cheapen the Columbia College prestige to share the Columbia University umbrella with us?

        • Anonymous  

          Because Columbia is nice enough to know that unless Barnard was associated with an ivy, it would eventually be incapable of thriving independently and close

    • BC'14  

      Thank you. I don't understand how people don't get this.

    • Anonymous

      Clearly, it's a debate given all the conflicting comments already.

      P.S. My recaptcha bugs out all the time then goes to a "post too quickly" error! This is currently attempt number 4 at posting this reply...

    • ObamaObama  

      Isnt the topic on Obama coming to Barnard? Why does the Barnard/ Columbia College debate come up everytime?? OBAMA CHOSE BARNARD. we should all genuinely be happy

  8. After the CUCR Shitshow  

    I won't believe it until I see it in the Spec.

  9. Anonymous  

    I thought Obama graduated from Columbia, not Barnard.

    • Anonymous

      And whole lot of good that's done you...?

      • Anonymous  

        what is this comment trying to say?

      • cc

        Sure it has. I can say my school has an alum who became president. Unlike Barnard.

        • CC '12  

          Rightfully so. Just like Barnard can say they had the President of the United States who graduated from Columbia College speak at their Class Day Commencement and not ours.

          We should be embarrassed and at the same time happy for Barnard instead of saying very mean things about them. Lets be honest, it does say on their gates Barnard College of Columbia University as we are from Columbia College of Columbia University. That's straight facts

          • cc

            I'm not as annoyed with Barnard as I am with the POTUS who seems to really hate Columbia College. I get it, he's a busy man and every single decision is filtered through politics. But to speak at Barnard before CC is kind of a slap in the face.

          • Anonymous  

            So... having someone that made it to POTUS, something that education does play a role in, vs. ooh! he came to my school once!

            I'll choose having him from here any day. Having him speech is only a political move, and we know it. It has nothing to do with you as a school

        • CC'12  

          But Barnard can also say they got the President of the United States to speak at their class day. we can't. Lets be honest we are all quite jealous. Congrats Barnard.

    • Anonymous  

      Maybe if Obama hadn't had such a shitty experience at Columbia, he'd have some Columbia pride...

  10. CC '13  

    Hopefully he'll sense the jealousy of all us CC kids and will decide to come back and speak next year....

    Probably not... Damn you, Barnard.


      SUCK IT CC

      jk i love you guys, you're good people, you know imma let you finish but president obama at barnard will be the best commencement speaker of ALL TIME

  11. Anonymous  

    will be massive amount of traffic, good luck finding parking

  12. you guys  

    it's fake, CUCR invited them

  13. Anonymous  

    How can I, a junior, get to see Obama?

  14. Anonymous  

    OBAMA is speaking at Barnard and not Columbia! He is clearly choosing Barnard and for all those haters out there - hate on that!

  15. cc'12  

    sigh. of course.

  16. CC '12  

    I understand why it might look bad for Obama to speak at an "elitist" ivy league institution, but I'm still really upset that he's speaking at Barnard instead.

    Is there any way we can still change our speaker? Or at least get some information about why our speakers always suck?

  17. Anonymous  

    Ahmadinejad can speak at columbia's graduation.

  18. Sheesh  

    So he is going to be across the street at Barnard while students from his alma mater listen to some guy... I am so glad I am not graduating this year.

    PrezBo please share with us why Obama does not want to come back and speak at Columbia?

  19. Anon  

    Obama *chose* to speak at Barnard. I don't think Barnard had even asked.

  20. Anonymous

    Doesn't matter what you think of Barnard, whoever gets their speakers deserves that damn Barnard Medal of Distinction.

  21. Anonymous  

    This is amazing! I could not be more excited! So much Barnard pride!

  22. Anonymous  

    It's worth considering the election in this one - with all the recent hooplah regarding women's reproductive rights, this was probably a very calculated choice. Columbia unfortuantely doesn't have such a targeted audience for campaign stumping.

  23. BC '15  

    Michelle, please note that you are welcome to speak here in 3 years.

  24. Anonymous  

    Regardless of the Barnard-Columbia relationship, this is incredibly exciting!

  25. The CUCR President

    Will storm the podium before commencement, state that Obama is a "cruel a petty tyrant", demand an apology from the liberal media, get manhandled by the Secret Service, and on the way out, knock over the teleprompter.

  26. Wants to Know  

    How can I apply to be on the committee that picks the commencement speakers?

  27. Anonymous  

    If Obama wanted "to honor the importance of women’s leadership", he should have spoken at SEAS commencement, for all the women engineers that are going out into the male-dominated field to kick ass.

    Hopefully this will cause the Barnard women to finally admit that they went to Barnard and not to Columbia.

    • of course  

      because leadership only happens in the sciences!

      • Anonymous  

        I was talking about engineering, but I do believe that scientists, mathematicians, and doctors should be included. These people lead innovations, as they have more insight - not the talkers.

        • Anon  

          I'm very tired of scientists and engineers who think they're more worthy than people in the humanities and social sciences just because the applications of their studies are more practical/visible. All are perfectly legitimate fields of human knowledge. Also, scientists should remember that their models only simplify things so as to make them accesible to our understanding; they don't necessarily describe the universe as it is.

          • Anonymous  

            Anon, stop whining. There are not enough women engineers in America or the world, and that has nothing to do with whether engineers work harder/are better people or not. Grow up.

          • anon  

            Just to be clear, I would have had no problem if Obama had instead chosen to address SEAS because of all the women engineers in a male-dominated field, as other commenters have said, but it would be by virtue of there being a high degree of inequality in that field and not because engineers are in themselves special or superior to other professionals as "These people lead innovations, as they have more insight – not the talkers" seems to suggest in Anonymous' comment. I was taking issue with that view and not denying the hardships women in that profession surely face.

          • Anonymous  

            Quoting you: "their studies are more practical/visible", and in addition, “These people lead innovations, as they have more insight – not the talkers”. This is true. You decide if that implies that engineers/scientists/doctors are superior or not.

      • Anonymous  

        hey hey hey, stop lumping the scientists with the engineers!

        All of the 'pure science' majors, ex. chem, biochem, physics,bio... are in the College. We get a Bachelor of the Arts degree, not science... something I'm still not over...

    • CC

      Because Barnard doesn't have any women in the sciences...

    • CSEAS  

      That is true!
      A lot of Barnard girls like to wear Columbia sweatshirts apparel, not to mention set their facebook networks to "Columbia University" as well as say they're from Columbia when trying to find jobs.

      • O EM GEEZ  

        you're, like, so right! also, we should have different uniforms for Barnard students on the COLUMBIA teams, so they can't parade around, playing their sports, pretending like they are actually full, contributing members of the COLUMBIA (=/=barnard) community. skanks.

      • also  

        I got an awesome research fellowship for this summer and I didn't even pretend that I go to fuck you. and yes, some shitty Barnard women do say they go to Columbia but there are also some shitty Columbia people as evidenced by any bwog barnard/columbia debate.

      • BC '15  

        Oh hai. I go to Barnard, and I have 3 classes at Columbia, I eat at Columbia, and do activities at Columbia. I did not apply to Columbia, but if I want to buy a sweatshirt, I'm going to buy a fucking sweatshirt.

      • BC '14  

        There is no Barnard College network on Facebook, so the only college-related network for Barnard students to join is the CU one. Just putting that out there.

  28. Anonymous  

    On job apps and Facebook, they happen to go to Columbia, but when Obama comes around they go to Barnard. I should get a sex change and transfer, best of both worlds.

  29. CC '11  

    It's too bad he's not speaking for CC but it's really exciting for Barnard. Can CU students get into Barnard commencement?

  30. Truth (CC'13)  

    Some thoughts:

    Everyone should be happy for Barnard seniors. We ought to be supportive, even though we are jealous, and not let this further perpetuate the Barnard v. Columbia bullshit that just pulls this campus community apart.

    CC should get rid of the rule that states that its commencement speakers must be graduates of the college. No peer institution has this rule and it is a bummer for CC students who work just as hard as their peers in other institutions not to be rewarded with the same level of awesome speakership.

    Obama is very cool for choosing Barnard, but also very political. This is an election year, women are a key contingent of Obama's base if he is going to win in 2012. None of that degrades Barnard, it is one of the foremost women's colleges in the world, but CC students also shouldn't feel snubbed or demeaned in any way by the president's decision

  31. Anonymous  

    This is exciting for Columbia University as a whole.

  32. BC '12

    Well, as awesome as Jill Abramson is, I have to say I'm thrilled that Obama is coming to speak at commencement.

    Let's leave the drama out of this - it'd be better to use that energy toward figuring out who picks CC/SEAS speakers and getting them to make selections of comparable quality. Getting Obama to speak at a given graduation is kind of like winning the lottery and you can't blame the organizers for not getting him to come, but I think CC/SEAS organizers can definitely do a better job of getting awesome CC/SEAS alums to speak.

  33. CC '12  

    Barnard, you get all the best speakers :-/

    exciting, though! will all university ID holders have access to campus to watch the speech?

  34. Anonymous  

    Damn. Barnard always gets the best speakers.

  35. Anonymous  

    The Barnard-Columbia relationship debate is tired and immature. This is really exciting for everyone that falls under the Columbia University umbrella. Let's all be excited for the lovely ladies across the street.

  36. Anonymous  

    I'm sure if Obama was Columbia's commencement speaker, there would be students hating the choice and complaining.

    Congrats Barnard Seniors, from a Columbia student.

  37. anyone

    who is someone in tune with the latest political happenings knows that this is completely strategic.

  38. Anonymous  

    look at where obama spoke in the past few years: Hampton College, Arizona State. Stellar colleges all, right? NO!!! Presidents never speak at fancy (i.e. good) colleges, bc that would make them come off as elitist. Instead they only speak at either huge colleges (which can be decent, like Michigan) or tiny terrible colleges (i.e. Hampton, various community colleges) to make them seem one with the people. Thus the fact that Obama is speaking at Barnard should not be a sign of intellectual justification. Even funnier, its obvious that Obama is speaking at Barnard bc of the whole contraception controversy, so this looks like just another case of some dude complementing Barnard's "great personality" and "impressive intellect" so as to make them cool with contraception.

  39. bitter CC' 12  

    Let's make one thing clear - Obama is using you, Barnard, just as much as you girls seem to be using this as ammo to make up for Barnard's long inferiority complex. He's using you to put out an image for his upcoming campaign - hence the reason why he contacted YOU and not the other way way around

    Congrats, but celebrate with grace.

    also, to the group that chose Columbia's commencement speaker: You done fucked up. You done fucked up BAAAAAAADDD.

    • Oh please.

      You'd gladly get used by Obama anytime if it meant getting him to speak at your class day.

      And I find it amusing that you tell Barnard to "celebrate with grace" while insulting them by saying they have a "long inferiority complex". And that he's only using them.

      Stop being an entitled and bitter ass.

    • Anonymous  

      I don't see how this matters. You do realize that most commencement speakers charge a fee of thousands (and sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars for their service, right? The more well-known the speaker, the more expensive the speech. So by your argument, most speakers are "using" colleges for the money. What's so different about Obama using this as a chance to promote his campaign? Nobody claimed that Meryl Streep was just using Barnard, though I'm sure she made a ton of money for her trouble.

    • ifyou'resosmarwhyareyounotstudying?

      First of all, it's absurd to suggest that an institution as a whole has an inferiority complex.
      "Barnard" happens to consist of over 2000 different people. Some are stupid, annoying, ugly, and conniving bitches who use Columbia to get themselves jobs. But so are some Columbia College students. I was accepted to both CC and Barnard, and I chose Barnard, because I wanted the advantages of a small liberal arts school and a big university. I got both, and I enjoy it. I'm not a feminist by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm not here for "women's power," although that's great. I'm here because it's a good school and people who think that Barnard is the equivalent of Arizona State can go fuck themselves, because I might be getting a better grade in the same class they're in. Who the fuck knows?
      Someone at Barnard probably does have an inferiority complex. But so does someone at Columbia. That's a good way to explain the intensity of some people's vitriol. I'm not a senior, but am I going around saying that seniors suck because I'm jealous of their commencement speaker? Obama is coming to Barnard for politics, nothing else. And he's NOT going to Columbia College for the same reason. If you think Columbia College is so much better, then use that elitism to explain why Obama is not speaking at the CC commencement, and accept the trade-off.

  40. CC

    I think this article should clarify that Obama contacted Barnard to offer to speak at commencement (to honor women's leadership, etc.) He wasn't lured by the Medal of Distinction, haha, what.

  41. Anonymous  

    That's because if we take classes at Barnard it doesn't count towards OUR degree. Tons of people take Barnard classes if it's simply to fulfill a requirement, and doesn't count as a class towards our major. KNOW YOUR FACTS.

    • Anonymous  

      Wow hate reCAPTCHA. My comment now makes no sense - in response to the girl asking why people don't take more classes at Barnard (above)

    • Anonymous

      "KNOW YOUR FACTS"? You're talking out of your ass...

    • CC  

      This is completely false. I've taken Barnard econ and spanish classes for my majors. Know YOUR facts!

      • CC Econ Major  

        No core courses and "a limited number of Barnard economics electives count toward the major".

        Know YOUR Facts.

      • CC '12  

        This is a really shitty way to cap off our years at Columbia. The biggest marker of our time spent here will be overshadowed by the women across the street. It wouldn't be as bad if our speaker weren't SO subpar.

        This will actually be something I'll remember when I consider donating as an alumni. You dun' effed up, Columbia.

        • Alum

          You don't go to Columbia for the Class Day Speaker, you go for the 4 YEARS OF HIGHER LEVEL EDUCATION!!!! Vain idiot.

          • CC '12  

            Well, you suck. My point is that I'll be leaving with a bad taste in my mouth (insert pun here). This will be my last moment at Columbia, and it will serve to accentuate how little the administration seems to care about us.

          • Anonymous  

            So many CC '12 grads commenting here sound like spoiled brats. How immature to dangle your future donations to the college and whine that you're going to graduate with a distaste for your alma mater because Daddy Columbia didn't get you the super awesome high profile Class Day speaker you wanted.

            The fact that a certain person is high profile and all your friends will think you're hot shit for having him/her as your speaker does not mean that they will deliver an outstanding speech. It is an insult to your fellow CC alumnus that you go into Class Day assuming his speech will suck because he doesn't have a famous name.

            Despite its faults (and outrageous price tag) Columbia has provided you with the opportunity to obtain an unparalleled education. However, with attitudes like this, it seems many have not taken advantage of the opportunity. It is due to this kind of attitude that so many roll their eyes at "Ivy League Elitism."

          • Anonymous  

            Add to that the fact that it wasn't the administration's decision to not have Obama speak at CC's Class Day. Obama CHOSE to speak at Barnard, no doubt in large part due to political strategy. However, we should all be proud that Barnard, a part of the Columbia community, was chosen over other women's colleges in the country and that the President is choosing to show his support for women's rights.

          • CC '12  

            Yes, the administration didn't choose Obama. But that administration has had a hand in choosing our class speaker and every class speaker that came before ours - and as all my friends in previous years describe it, they have all given uninspiring speeches. If you go on YouTube, you can see amazing speeches by incredibly accomplished people. I want that for my graduation. I want to be inspired.

            And frankly, Columbia hasn't left me very inspired. I have taken full advantage of everything that has been offered to me - study abroad, unique classes, fellowships, on-campus speakers. But the lack of administrative care has really made the experience much more impersonal than it needed to be. I know people throw the idea of a bad Columbia administration around, but it's a very real problem. Everything from housing policies, work study checks, academic advising, career advising, public space requests, etc. are all bogged down by obtuse regulation and careless administrators. For me, the worst part has been the advising system. My academic advisor knew less than I did about policies at Columbia, and simply referenced the same online guide I had access to when I asked her for answers. My major advisor would never give me a time to meet with him, and ended up screwing up my study abroad registration so that I couldn't register for classes in time. This same kind of a scenario played out across all forms of advising at Columbia, making it seem like they couldn't care less about me or the other students. I wouldn't know how to go about fostering more caring administrators, but it seems to work much better elsewhere.

            Aside from all of this, I am still proud to be a Columbia student and I'm excited for my plans after graduation. This just seems like the cherry on top of the we're-not-too-worried-about-your-quality-of-life Columbia cake. You shouldn't be calling us spoiled brats - we're not just trying to get a good class speaker so that we can brag to our friends.We understand and appreciate what Columbia has given us. We just want to feel like the institution that we've belonged to for the past four years cares about us in some way.

          • Anonymous  

            Thanks for the thoughtful reply, it really clarified the point you were initially trying to make. I think you raise a lot of valid concerns, and you have a right to be disappointed by these things. My advice to you in your future endeavors (for whatever it's worth): don't be afraid to advocate for yourself. If you don't think think that your advisers are doing a good job, tell them how you feel. The same goes for the other concerns. It's true that speaking up might not change a damn thing, but directing constructive criticism where it is warranted is more productive than complaining on the internet.

            Columbia is shaped by the students who go here. Rather than thinking about how IT as an institution should inspire US, we should think about how WE can shape and inspire our school and each other.

            My main point is to say that one's disappointment in Columbia's administration and/or in the 4 years they spent here should in no way be used to invalidate the huge honor Barnard has received. It is immature to think of this as Barnard "overshadowing" your big moment. Congrats to Barnard on this tremendous honor. Congrats to all Barnard and Columbia graduates equally for their accomplishments and contributions to the community over the past 4 years. And we should all focus on our accomplishments and those of our peers and be proud of all of that come commencement, rather than dwell over who has the "better" speaker.

          • Anonymous  

            There's a breath of fresh air at Columbia, away from this.. it's called Electrical Engineering department. They care for their students. Professors give legitimate class and life advice. The department feeds us, reserves rooms for us, and accommodates pretty much any idea that we want to implement, as long as it's something that benefits students. The department throws parties for us for different holidays, and it's always fun. We have mentor/mentee lunches every other week (part of the program launched 2 years ago), where students of all different years in EE and CE (CS also welcome), sit down together, family-style, and share awesome stories and advice. Every person in the department office is amazing and caring, and it's always nice to drop in and chat with them. They hate bureaucracy as much as we do, and they do their best to minimize it. I feel very lucky that I chose this department. I got tons of help, advice, and inspiration throughout my four years at Columbia, and I will surely miss the people and the good times.

          • GS '12

            If I were the administration I wouldn't care about you either, you misogynist little brat. It's a shame you spent four years at this fine institution and didn't learn a little tolerance, or even compassion.

          • CC '12  

            What? I'm a woman and a huge feminist. Also, without giving out too many personal details, I'm spending the next couple of years of my life at a non-profit organization helping the less fortunate.

            Gosh, people. Please actually read what I'm writing.

          • GS '12

            You can be a misogynist if you're a woman...and I don't really care about your personal details- I was responding to your sour grapes about how the "women across the street" are getting a better speaker than you. As a feminist, I would presume that you understand that your language is Othering to the Barnard women, as is your use of the term "less fortunate." I do not begrudge Barnard this honor, and I consider them as much a part of Columbia as I am. To assert that you are going to withhold money just because of this does make you come off as spoiled and entitled, no matter how many of the "less fortunate" you save.

          • oh god

            "your language is Othering to the Barnard women"


          • GS '12

            It's appropriate to imagine you with spit-up all over yourself, since you are clearly such a whiny baby.

          • @GS '12  

            Blast, i've been Othered!!

          • poor kid at CU  

            "I’m spending the next couple of years of my life at a non-profit organization helping the less fortunate"

            paternalistic little brat. you have a hero complex, you class privileged jerk. I hate how rich kids at the school talk about "the less fortunate" as a way to make themselves feel better. go learn something

  42. cc  

    No need to argue how Barnard got Obama. Cuz Barnard didn't earn it. It's Obama who chose to go as a calculated political choice...

  43. Anonymous

    he had a shitty experience?

  44. RIOTS  

    Columbia rise up and protest Obama speaking at Barnard! Do what we were all born to do!

  45. barnard  

    the ultimate f you to columbia after four years of being put down by them for no educated or valid reason... woohoo!

  46. BC '12

    I was GOING to say something about how it's clearly a very convenient decision that with issues surrounding abortion and women's rights concerning contraception access coming to the fore, its obviously a clear political decision that Obama would choose to speak at one of the foremost women's colleges in the nation.

    BUT then I read all the self-interested and needlessly cruel rubbish in these comments from people who are too stupid or insecure to go out and meet real women before being sad and angry at them over the internet, and I'd like to now say SUCK IT COLUMBIA, I'VE NEVER LIKED YOU ANYWAY, AND OBAMA DOESN'T LIKE YOU EITHER.

    I hope you all like yourself this much in ten years time when you're working for me.

  47. Anonymous

    You would never hear of a Harvard alumnus speaking at Radcliffe instead of his/her alma mater. I feel bad for the CC students of 2012. Michelle must have Barack whipped

  48. Anonymous

    seas should get Putin or Hu or something!

  49. Anonymous

    you've never liked us? How many classes have you taken at Columbia as opposed to Barnard? Now you're insulting us after siphoning off our resources? Hypocrite

  50. Dean Pena Mora

    We here at SEAS would like to formally announce Steve Jobs as our Official 2012 SEAS Class Day Speaker...

  51. CC '14  

    I wouldn't want to speak at CC either if I read these comments...

  52. Anonymous  

    Barnard haters: you all sound bitter and pretentious. This is really exciting for Barnard. It's okay to be upset, but be gracious.

  53. Anonymous  

    No one would want to speak at Columbia if they read your comments. Shit. You guys are rude.

  54. OperationFreeBarnard

    With all this Barnard Pride- I think we should liberate BARNARD!!!!
    Take that DARN Columbia University seal off the degree and Prezbo's signature too!
    While we are at it! Let's NOT wear the B&W cap and gown with the Columbia Crown!!

  55. Anonymous  

    Please, take one second to look at our alumni including Obama. We came to COLUMBIA COLLEGE or THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCES because we want a future for ourselves. And we have a network of people that have already made it and willing to help. Working for you? In the off chance, it would be the other way around Barnard.

  56. CC'12

    Everybody needs to step away from their computers, breathe while counting to 10, and then calm down. It's been a long week, guys.

  57. BC alumna

    I've been out of the Columbia/Barnard bubble for a few years now, and it still BLOWS MY MIND how many people feel the need to put down others. Are you really so insecure about yourself?

    Barnard is affiliated with but not PART of Columbia, a fact of which I am extremely proud. I would not have been happy as a Columbia student.

    As it stands, I got a Fulbright in neuroscience and am in medical school now, so I have no doubt about the academic excellence of Barnard. And dealing with the few vocal assholes across the street made me a better person and better leader. Some people at Columbia were amazing, but others... Let's just keep in mind only YOU can devalue yourself.

  58. Anonymous  

    Maybe Columbia Students wouldn't be as upset if Barnard women didn't choose to associate with Barnard only when it is convenient. It's a slap in the face when many Barnard girls go around saying they go to Columbia, put Columbia University on job applications, and list Columbia as their school on Facebook. Now, all of a sudden Barnard girls are proud of going to Barnard. Make up your minds!

    • BC'12

      This comment tells me you don't know anyone at Barnard. Do you even go here?

    • BC'12  

      Maybe people would be proud to say the went to Barnard if there wasn't so much Barnard hate.

    • CC

      Barnard women who claim they go to Columbia all the time or selectively or only on their resumes or whatever are a straw man, just like man-hating feminists and welfare queens.

      Everyone chooses to highlight their academic experience in a personal way. My resume reads "Barnard College of Columbia University" because the full name helps potential employers mentally place me in the rigorous academic environment that exists at both Barnard and Columbia. (The name alone isn't going to get me or anyone a job; my GPA and honors and, most importantly, my work and internship experience that follow are going to do that.) When talking about how great my undergraduate experience was, I talk about Barnard because Barnard is a thousand times better at taking care of her own than Columbia is. When I'm talking about my Japanese background, I talk about Columbia because that's where all the Japanese classes are so I identify with that as my "department".

      I don't see what the issue is with any of this - the Barnard/Columbia relationship is complicated and has created coinciding complicated modes of discourse surrounding it.

      • Anonymous

        I'm confused--your name is "CC" but you have Barnard on your resume. If you are indeed a BC grad, it sounds like the only reason you've included the "of Columbia University" portion is to intentionally make those unfamiliar with the institutions of Morningside Heights think that you've gone to Columbia.

        I really stick up for Barnard when I hear the hate from my CC folk, but I gotta say, it annoys me that BC grads utilize the Columbia name when it serves them.

      • Anonymous  

        "of".... lol

  59. Whipped  

    as in S & M? Didn't think they'd be into that kinky stuff

  60. Anonymous

    Why are CC/SEAS so bitter about Obama speaking at Barnard over them? His decision to speak at Barnard is clearly a calculated political choice, what with the current "war on women" in the Republican party. He knows in order to secure the female vote he needs to support female leadership and feminism, and what better place to do that than at the most selective and arguably the most prestigious women's college in the nation? On top of that, Barnard is a triple whammy for him: predominately left-leaning, female, and young. He's not saying that one school is better than the other; he's simply trying to secure the female vote.

    • Anonymous

      Because Obama's our daddy who never acknowledges us. We just want his love! Why don't you love us, Obama?

      (Because Columbia was and is a crappy school when it comes to student well-being)

  61. May I remind you.....  

    we had a particularly famous Harvard grad come to our bball game yesterday who you fawned over? And then Oprah and Steinam the other day? Columbia U (barnard + CC + SEAS) has a brand getting hot hot HOT.

  62. CC'13

    I'm so upset that I think I'm going to join the College Republicans.

  63. CC '12  

    God damn, I'm not mad at Barnard. I'm just really, really sad. It feels like the president of my country just slapped me in the face. Yeah, I get the calculated political move part of it, and I don't think Barnard doesn't "deserve" to have him. But this just feels like such a "FUCK YOU" from Barack Obama to Columbia College. And that sucks, because I love Columbia College, and now I have to graduate from the place I've spent 4 years of my life with this huge cloud hanging over the whole day. What a horrible way to end a really important life experience.

    • CC '11

      I completely agree, and I really feel for the graduating class this year. Especially as someone who was involved with the POTUS project last year....why did we even bother? CC was great but obviously it has its ups and downs, but this being the final event that marks the end of your college life is really, really disappointing.

  64. oh hey  

    I found obama's speech for commencement

    Nah, I kid. I want to hate on bc, but for what? columbia can't help that it's not an all women college, which is the (only) reason Obama is speaking there. It's political, people.

  65. Anonymous

    oh please, im at CC but would you really be bitter about being upstaged by the POTUS? she's also a woman with children who just *might* have a stake in the whole birth control/abortion shitstorm and so just *might* appreciate the stance the prez. has taken.
    anyways, im excited to year what he has to say.

  66. Anonymous  

    He doesn't even go here!

  67. Guys  

    This bickering is really very pathetic. Congratulations to Barnard for getting an awesome class day speaker; good luck to CC and SEAS on their next ones.

    How distasteful.

  68. Hey Columbia,

    Can we get a JumboTron again, a la ServiceNation?

  69. Maybe

    Obama had a subpar speaker for his commencement. :|

  70. Anonymous  

    Guys. Perspective. I know this is huge news, and it's awesome for Barnard and kind of sucks for Columbia, but at the end of the day, it's still just about a graduation speaker. I'm sorry, but I can't believe that so many people are taking this as a chance to be horrible to each other. It's just a speech at graduation. It doesn't really affect your future in any major way. Can't we all be a little more mature about this?

  71. Anonymous  





    i for one don't give a flying fuck about the barnard/cu debate. honestly do you have any idea how many people put "columbia university" on their resumes ANYWAY without having gone to either barnard/columbia? i once saw a columbia college (the crappy one, not the ivy league one) guy sneak in his resume into our drop. it's fucking bullsht.

    i made away with a 3.7. twas easy for me to land a job. barnard girls don't compete with me. and frankly its not their fault columbia chooses to give them @columbia email addresses.

    as a guy, if you told me there was an all-men's college affiliated with harvard law school, and that it was easier to get into (more of a surer thing), i'd take that as well! blame the system. but dont blame the girls for applying to barnard. sure some of them mightve not gotten in had they applied to columbia but they're simply taking advantage of the system. you want change? change the system. break the affiliation between cu/barnard. otherwise, shut the fuck up.

    SEAS Guy,
    -Class of 2010 (who had no trouble landing a job with a 3.7 GPA with no competition from barnard girls whatsoever),
    -2nd Year Analyst/Columbia Resume-reviewer - Mckinsey & Company
    -Annoyed after frequently running across false resumes from people who never even attended columbia OR barnard
    -Annoyed after seeing several Columbians put false extremely exaggerating statements in their resumes (you did not attend harvard summer school asshole)
    -Annoyed at the whole barnard/cu debate

  74. Anonymous

    The reason people put Barnard College of Columbia University on their resumes is because the degree is conferred by Columbia and that's the official name of the college used in many different settings. I've never run into a resume that only says CU. I'm pretty clear about it being an affiliate when I talk to people in person, even though I've taken a TON of Columbia classes and found them to be just as easy as BC classes, except with less professor-student interaction. In fact, I think I've gotten a number of jobs because employers are interested in female oriented leadership.

    When I applied to Barnard instead of Columbia it was because I really wanted an empowering setting with peers that were interested in feminist ideals. This idea was cemented when I saw Butler covered in the names of men. If I hadn't wanted to live in the city, I would probably have gone to another women's college because I love it so much. Plus, the advising program and career services offices are both incredible, not to mention superior counseling and health services.

    I love Barnard, but I don't fault my Columbia peers for their decision to go to Columbia, a place that I feel stifles academic freedom through the strict core and fosters male-dominated ideals, as is evidenced by these comments.

    In the end, Columbia students are often more miserable and in no way have an advantage in the workforce. It's all about how you USE your time here, not how well you did in your senior year in high school or your decision to learn in a feminist environment versus a male-dominated environment.

    • lulz  

      male dominated environment? LULZ. what century is this?

      columbia, both seas and cc, are approx. 51/49 male/female -MALE DOMINATED. LULZ. seas is a bit easier to get into if you're a hot white chick because of that.

      • Anonymous

        I wrote that because even when women are the majority, academics and politics still foster male ideals. If that wasn't the case, these comments would be less hateful and gendered. And you'd be more likely to understand what I meant by that comment.

        The core focuses on men more often than women (even if I don't take the classes, I've looked at the course load for lit hum and other classes and have read pretty much everything on there), and the history classes I've taken tend to do the same, even when women's issues are a huge deal.

        • honest question  

          and don't wikipedia this before you answer, i want to know off the top of your head:

          just how many noteworthy female authors were there before, say, at least the renaissance, if not "pre-enlightenment" or such?

      • lulz

        Male dominated environment? LOL shut up woman and let the man explain how you are so liberated now. Bitches, I mean.

    • Anonymous  

      This kind of talk just stinks of a double standard. It's not relevant to this article, but to the comment I'm replying to: an enforcibly all-women's school is as ideologically archaic as an all-male or all-white school, and does more to proliferate than to dissolve gender bias. Maybe nobody agrees, and this isn't the forum for a rigorous, in depth argument, but comment threads like this are silly and anachronistic, and it seems clear to me that separation only squashes the possibility for clear, respectful discourse.

  75. Sasha  

    He's just waiting until I got to CC instead of Barnard to speak at my graduation.

  76. Anonymous  

    who gives a fuck what you do or what your GPA was

  77. CC  

    ok, barnard girls get to register for our classes a week in advance, they get our degree, and they get obama...dassit i'm transferring cuz they have us by the balls

  78. Oprah will introduce him  

    "Barack ObamAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"

  79. Anonymous

    So much arguing! Clearly the more important issue is will there be a puppy study break the week before?

  80. CC '12 again  

    Well, you suck. My point is that I'll be leaving with a bad taste in my mouth (insert pun here). This will be my last moment at Columbia, and it will serve to accentuate how little the administration seems to care about us.

    • Anonymous  

      you moron Obama CHOSE to speak at Barnard, Barnard didn't chose to have him speak.

      • CC '12  

        Oy, this is part of a comment thread from above that got displaced. We all know that Obama chose to speak at Barnard. My point was that it wouldn't feel so shitty if our own speaker wasn't so subpar.

        On a side note -- it sucks that you said "you moron". I'm a little bit sad that Obama isn't speaking at graduation. Don't need the hate.

  81. CC14  

    I initially was wondering why there were so many likes on Barnard comments, but then I realized it's because Barnard people spend more time on BWOG than Columbia people, because they're trying so hard to stay in the loop about what's going on across the street.

    Makes sense though, after all I know what's going on here because I live here while you have to be signed in...

    Side note: It would just sound absurd for a Wesleyan girl to say that she goes to Harvard, thats how dumb you Barnard girls sound to me when you say that you go to Columbia...THE COLLEGE

    • how old are we?

      grow up.

    • Really?  

      Okay first off you mean Wellesley (our secretary of state is an alumna...) and secondly Wellesley was never associated with Harvard but nice try...

    • Seriously FUCK CU  

      You know that Wellesley and Wesleyan are two completely separate private institutions right?

      I swear Harvard, Yale, and Princeton kids probably laugh at you when you try to claim that you are an ivy league student, with you core that covers prep school BASICS, and your football team that doesn't seem to be well informed about how to actually play the came.

      Eat a big fat CRIMSON dick you fucking piece of shit!

      COLUMBIA will never be YALE, HARVARD, or PRINCETON. Your acceptance rate is low because you are in NYC. This is why you guys have a huge inferiority complex, because deep down inside you know that you are not the cream of the crop. Obama does not want to associate himself with you guys because you are all elitist, self-righteous fucks who would rather pick on a women's college then focus on your own merits.

  82. Columbia College 2013  

    We should all write letters to Obama telling him we want him at our graduation next year. No need to be mad at Barnard. He can still come to Columbia next year.

    • Yeah...  

      Once he isn't reelected and doesn't have to base every decision off politics.

    • LOL  

      It's cute, because like me, you look at this as "bad luck." "No way will MY graduation speaker be as bad as this!" you say. "Obama might choose to come for MY graduation!" you say. And yet you don't realize that every CC student for the last 4 years has gone through this internal monologue.

      When the graduation speaker sucked last year, I thought to myself, "Well now that they ended up with a REALLY bad person, they'll step up their game for MY year." And now not only do I have a horrible graduation speaker, and not only is Obama not speaking, but he is LAUGHING IN MY FACE.

      Your time will come. Just you wait. Enjoy your wishful thinking while you still can--I envy you.

      • CC'11

        Yes, every year everyone complains about the speaker being subpar. Yes, hardly ever does the graduating class get a Class Day speaker with a name that wows. Last year, the short list the seniors were asked to vote on included Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Alexandra Wallace Creed (our actual speaker) definitely didn't get the most votes. In fact, I don't remember her name even being in the list.

        HOWEVER, just because she wasn't super famous doesn't mean she "sucked". I would say far from it. Her speech was heartfelt and enjoyable, and it definitely made the day incredibly better. (Now, if it only hadn't been so frickin cold and windy... )

        Your speaker may suck or he may not, but don't expect the actual speech to be terrible just because he's not a flashy name. He may surprise you.

    • BC 14  

      Maybe he's just waiting until Sasha or Malia enrolls at Columbia!

  83. Anonymous  

    First of all, I go to Columbia NOT Barnard and unlike many of you I am honest abut that fact. Secondly, I know plenty of people at Barnard. Some of which, I didn't even know went to Barnard until they shamefully had to explain what dorm they live in...

  84. Clarity CC'12  

    As a senior who is very upset that the President did not chose to speak at Columbia College's commencement, I think we really need to analyze why Obama made the decision to speak at Barnard. It is not surprising that Barnard undergrads will beam with pride at this news and feel particularly special that Obama decided to come to them. But in my opinion, Obama is ultimately speaking at Barnard to gain female support and votes in the upcoming presidential election. We must take into account the present political context. The New York Times describes what I am getting at very well:

    "Word of Mr. Obama’s appearance comes as the White House and Democrats have seized on Republican attempts to block a requirement for contraception coverage in the new health care law, saying it amounts to a “war on women.” Democrats believe the issue could be an effective rallying point with women voters in a presidential election year, and the decision to appear at the prestigious women’s school could provide a high-profile forum for the president on that front."

    Obama is trying to win votes. He is the most powerful man in America in my opinion because he is a master at influencing public opinion and swaying problems to his advantage. I believe Barnard in his eyes is a means to a political end. Therefore, I am upset but I can't be angry because I know that in speaking at Barnard, President Obama is improving the chances of a Columbia College graduate remaining in the White House.

    • was this essay really necessary

      thanks for explaining the White House's obscure motivations, we would have never figured it out otherwise.


    • Seriously FUCK CU  

      Yes we know you are desperate because it took so long for you to get an alumnus in the oval office. Like I said earlier all of you can eat a big fat CRIMSON dick!

      I love how CC/SEAS feel rejected but also refuse to admit that Obama was a GS student. Where is their voice in all of this??????

      • GS '12

        Right here. Go to hell.

      • GS Nationalist  

        If Obama applied today, he would be a GSer. It's no secret that the treatment he got as an underprivileged transfer student is why he virtually doesn't acknowledge coming here even decades later. You'd think Columbia would have learned its lesson, since the next GS-alum President (fingers crossed lol) is sure to be even more spiteful.

        However, he was a CC student. Some sites do claim he went to GS, but they're incorrect. I was actually about to namedrop him in my admission essay until I triple-checked this at the last minute.

  85. Anonymous  

    This is all rather silly. It almost sounds like a old, bitter and tired married couple bickering, and I think this should put the whole debate in perspective for everyone getting so invested in throwing horrible comments out there.
    No CC student will not admit that this feels like a slap in the face and this is because while I am happy for Barnard, the problems is that I have to be happy for Barnard instead of viewing this as a triumph for the whole Columbia community. Sometimes the lines we have to draw between them are placed very awkwardly and personally, I get confused all the time on why some days we are one, but for other days we are separate. We can all try to sweep this under the rug and be friends, but it looks like just when we get going on that, those pesky lines come up again and we are forced to differentiate between them. You can be family in name, but not in spirit this is the problem here. Relying on the official connection as defined by administration has not been enough, and we need to talk about where we want to be together. The hate is about enough at this point.
    Congratulations Barnard-Columbians. Obama will be great!

    • cc alum '61

      all me and my barnard wife ever bicker about is this shit.

      in our nursing home, whenever she ever acts up, i always slap the hoe and tell her 'get your ass back across the street bitch!"

  86. Anonymous

    ...What about us? Columbia women participate in many feminist initiatives at Barnard, we care about the advancement of women, and WE HAVE VOICES TOO.

    This plus Oprah are just a slap in the face.

    We suffer because of Barnard (ppl thinking we go there, having WAY more heterosexual women at this school than heterosexual men, etc) and are excluded from some of the very few privileges of Barnard, while Barnard women use the Columbia affiliation to its full advantage.

    I feel like a dumbass because I should have just gone to Barnard. I could wear blue robes, hold my "Columbia" degree, brag about having cool people visit campus, live in Columbia housing, take Columbia classes and date Columbia men, without having the Core and all the difficulties and bullshit of ACTUAL Columbia.

    • BC '14

      Holy shit, you are MAD.

      • of course I'm mad

        I'm a fucking idiot for wasting my time at Columbia when there's been a backdoor across the street the whole time!!

        • damn  

          if yall worked this hard in your freshman writing classes, you'd all have A's

        • look  

          Lose the fat and I'll have sex with you too. No need to get into jealous bitch mode. We have a great Gym at Dodge.

          Really Barnard ladies work very hard as champions of female empowerment, and your jealousy stemming from having to compete a little and look a little nice to get with Columbia guys is just ugly.

          I'm sure the women of CUNY also work hard as feminists, yet you don't see any of them bitching about Obama speaking at Barnard. In fact, I bet they are happy to see the nation's president speak at an all girls school.

          You also live in New York City, a city with over 3 million heterosexual men. Columbia/barnard does not exist in the middle of nowhere Idaho, (sorry Idaho.) You have plenty of sexual options.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, bitter much? Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do a great job of making yourself feel better by calling Barnard girls dumb sluts who used a back door to get into the school you ~rightfully deserved~ to get into.

    • CC

      If you hate Columbia this much, why didn't / don't you transfer? And if you're that involved in feminist activities, why don't you recognize that the rhetoric surrounding Barnard women being dumb / having an easier time / stealing Columbia's name comes from a compulsion within our sexist society to shoot down any attempt by women to do something outside of the constant male gaze?

      I call troll on this whole comment because I'm going to choose to believe no student chosen to attend the illustrious Columbia University could possibly be this shortsighted.


      Call it a back door all you want! Be mad. Deciding to enroll in a premier women's college is a conscious political choice. Great people Columbia's campus all of the time. Eric Holder, Attorney General of US, gave a speech at CU THIS week. He is a Columbia alumnus and yet he gets no love. Ursula Burns, the FIRST black women to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company will be speaking at SEAS class day. Not one person seemed to be excited about what she accomplished. Mind you, she is also a graduate of Columbia. You guys are selectively haters. Like seriously, people cannot choose to speak at Barnard College?

      You have chosen to go to a college where people recognize the accomplishments of their alumni, and are appreciative of a good education. Instead you chose to go to a school where people are upset about who DECIDES to speak at a graduation. Instead you chose to go to a school where people have a deep inferiority complex. Instead you chose to go to a school where people think the name on their diploma defines them. I find that to be incredibly sad and unfortunate.

  87. CC'11

    Just a political ploy because of the significance of woman's rights in the upcoming election. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

    Let Barnard get this one thing to be proud of their school. Let's be honest. It's the only thing so throw them a bone.

    Irony that they're most proud of a Columbia Alum speaking at their school over any Barnard Alum.

    • irony?  

      When there is a female president in the U.S., we'll be proud of that Barnard alum.

    • Anonymous  

      Yes, because the reason people are excited about Obama is that he went to Columbia.

    • Alum

      This is really a dumb conversation and as an alum of several different schools at Columbia University, as well as Barnard, makes me highly skeptical about ever hiring any of the bitter, jealous students posting on this board. It's just very silly and disappointing to see the bitterness expressed by those who don't attend Barnard, or that Barnard students themselves think they need to be even remotely defensive against such stupid, ridiculous attacks. The "one" thing of Barnard to be proud about? Seriously, have you forgotten that two Secretaries of State, including Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton have addressed Barnard commencements? The most powerful woman in business (soon to be one of the wealthiest women in the world), Sheryl Sandberg addressed Barnard? The most often nominated (and recent winner) of the Best Actress Oscar addressed Barnard? Are you kidding? Are you even remotely aware of the number of Barnard College phd's, who occupy the highest positions in science and medicine? The number of best selling authors? The percentage of Barnard graduates who've gone on to lead global businesses and law firms? Several of the most powerful women on Wall Street....what? Barnard grads. Are you aware that in the past year, because of Barnard's prestige and preeminence, that BEFORE the war on women began several weeks ago, the White House hosted a major forum on women in business/women entrepreneurs on campus, featuring again, some of the biggest names in business? Perhaps you missed that Oprah Winfrey was just on campus? Barnard is, has been, and will continue to be the most prestigious college for women in the world. I think the joke is on those folks who one way or the other do not open themselves to experiencing the incredible things that happen on Barnard's campus, but instead resort to jealous anger and attempts to belittle a fine institution. All your jealousy is doing is ensuring that the Barnard women who will one day be in position to give you a professional opportunity will laugh you out the door, with your abusive, arrogant condescension. Just think about it. And grow up....

      • Anonymous  

        As a CC Freshman, I just want to praise this message. Columbia kids need to take a chill pill. The only thing that is frustrating as a Columbia student is the feeling that the administration does not care for us the way the Barnard administration cares about them.

    • anonymous  

      he's the president of the nation, you IDIOT! Who wouldn't be happy about that?! For once in your life, learn to celebrate with the women at BARNARD! It really won't hurt you, I promise!
      Columbia is great, Barnard is great and in the end, we are all receiving a top-notch education! It all depends on how you use the resources that both colleges provide... seriously, dig deeper, and ask yourself, why you are really mad about Obama's choice...

  88. cls alum

    Interesting: both Franklin Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt attended Columbia Law School, but dropped out before graduating...Eisenhower was President, but didn't graduate from I guess it's true that Obama is the first "Columbia graduate" to be President.

  89. Anonymous  

    for all the people commenting about how this is just Obama using Barnard to gain the female vote... I for one am extremely offended that the holder of the highest office in the country is giving my school's commencement address to express his support for a political stance that I fervently and wholeheartedly support.

    • you are fucking naive  

      maybe in 10 years you'll become street smarter and know the true intentions behind people's actions

      in the meantime, people like me will continue to make money and gain power off people like you. hopefully. in the next 10-15 years.

      • BC'12

        Maybe in 10 years you'll learn to read more carefully...

      • whoosh  

        lmao my comment was directed at the people above who felt the need to express the cutting edge political analysis of 'oh he's just trying to express his support for women's rights to get votes'. shit sherlock, really? in an election year? how insightful of you, and thank you for the condescending assumption that we don't already get that.

        yeah, yeah true intentions, I'm so fucking sad that he's trying to get my vote by supporting policies I support, crying a fucking river

  90. The audacity  

    of pandering.

  91. Anonymous  

    Can't we all just be friends?

  92. ccalum

    Idea. All you Columbia guys, go get a Barnard girlfriend fast!!! That way, maybe she will invite you along with her parents to the Barnard graduation. My Barnard girlfriend ( now my wife) did that.

    Barnard always has better speakers than Columbia. Just think about it. Barnard doesn't invite the leader of Iran or engage in other sensational activities (think riots ).

    • Future Husband/Bf of one  

      This is exactly what I intend to do. I will have my cake and eat it at the same time. Her story will then become mine. Sucks for the female CU students, though.

  93. Anonymous  

    I feel like this is karma for all of the Barnard hate and ridicule that is prevalent on Columbia campus.

  94. Crazy Idea  

    What if CC'12 as a group refuse to donate money to Columbia citing this as the reason...I guaranty the quality of Columbia Commencement speakers will rise dramatically

  95. pretty fucked up  

    if this is how columbia treats its "sister." We are all going to be in family therapy forever.

  96. CC'14  

    Part of me wants Obama to lose this election, because as long as he's POTUS, there's no way he'll be Commencement speaker. Obama, you're a bro, but I need you out of office before I graduate.

  97. Anonymous

    Playas, they gonna play
    And haters, they gonna hate
    Ballers, they gonna ball
    Shot callers, they gonna call
    That ain't got nothin' to do
    With me and you
    That's the way it is
    That's the way it is

  98. BC '12  

    Just to clear a few things up before I say anything:

    1. I applied to CC early decision and didn't get in. I ended up coming to Barnard because my only real criterion for picking a school was that it had to be located in New York City, so I picked the best school I got into in New York. It wasn't because it was a backdoor into Columbia, although of course I see the irony that, as a film major, I have taken the vast majority of my classes at Columbia (99% of the film department is at Columbia).

    2. When people ask me where I go to college, I ALWAYS say Barnard. Only when people say, "What's Barnard?" do I then respond with, "It's the all-girls college of Columbia" (to which some of those people then respond, "What's Columbia?")

    3. My resume says I go to Barnard College of Columbia University, because that is the name of the school I attend. I've compared resumes with my CC friends (yes, I have those), and they say "Columbia College of Columbia University," so I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything wrong there. In job interviews, I always refer to my school as "Barnard," and every interviewer I've had has been impressed by that name.

    4. I'm in the Columbia network on Facebook because that is the only option. I do have Barnard listed as my college if you look at my education info. If there was a Barnard network, I would absolutely join it.

    5. I can say that every single one of my Barnard friends behaves in the EXACT same way I do when it comes to my numbers 2-4. I can only assume that any Columbia student who says Barnard students act otherwise aren't actually friends with anyone at Barnard. And that is most likely due to his or her attitude.

    That said, it's clear that Obama is speaking at Barnard as a campaign move. He is in the middle of a campaign, so that shouldn't be surprising to anyone. So sure, he's "using" us. But who freaking cares? He will give a great speech, and everyone will be happy (and as a supporter of Obama, I have no problem with him using us for his campaign). I completely understand why CC students would be a little bitter about this, but what can you do? The students didn't ask for Obama, the administration didn't even ask for Obama, Obama asked US. Attacking Barnard students because of Obama's decision makes absolutely no sense, and is just unbelievably petty and immature (not that I've come to expect more from you, BWOG commenters). I have a sneaking suspicion that the bitterest of these commenters are only so bitter because their horrible attitude has kept them from ever befriending any Barnard students, and now they're out of luck when it comes to procuring a ticket to our graduation.

  99. ugh  

    so columbia=barnard when it's convenient, but when it comes to important things, like presidential keynote addresses, columbia and barnard are two distinct entities. WTFMATE.

  100. Let's be honest...  

    I have no problem with Obama speaking at Barnard (actually I'm a tad bit jealous), but my only problem with Barnard is their ties to us. Either make it part of Columbia aka no more all girls school or completely cut the ties. Barnard girls are so proud of their school yet, get mad at us when they are using all of our resources. I didn't even know what Barnard was until after NSOP. You're elite through association of Columbia. And Dassit!

    • BC '12  

      completely agree. This has been one of my biggest issues with the Barnard-Columbia relationship. But it has nothing to do with the students and everything to do with the administration(s).

  101. Anonymous  

    holy shit. 250+ comments and counting... and it's fucking 2pm on a saturday. obama + barnard hating really brings the comments.

  102. Anonymous

    Ack, so glad I went to Barnard before these Bwog comment boards existed, because reading this comments on this post scares the hell out of me. Barnard grad here who applied early decision (like half of the students at Barnard, so get the hell out of here with the Columbia reject stuff) and who never joined a network on Facebook because they only had Columbia's, not Barnard. If people ask me where I went to school, I say "Barnard." If they've never heard of it, I say it's "part of the Seven Sisters." If they have no idea what the Seven Sisters are, I give up. I was always happy to take advantage of Columbia's facilities while at BC (though most of my classes were at Barnard) but I've never tried to use it to cover up Barnard. I've always been Barnard first and now I can unabashedly celebrate Obama's speech (even if it is a political ploy.)

    Also, all the awful Columbia commenters on here -- you are the WORST! Good God!

    • Anonymous  

      You tell em! As a CC student I have nothing against Barnard, except that a number of the students lack school pride by saying that they go to Columbia. Barnard is an excellent college, and is unfairly compared to Columbia (an exceptional school, no offense meant) because it is affiliated. Don't say you go to Columbia like you are hiding something, be proud to say you go to Barnard!

  103. ObamaObamaObama  

    OMFG its the President Of the United States. I think shes honored. And she will be speaking next year

  104. Anonymous  

    This is awesome for the whole university!!! Can we all just chill out and celebrate? Senior tailgate!!

  105. Anonymous  

    Does this even matter? It's very sad that this conversation is pitting Columbia students against Barnard students: we learn from the same professors, eat in the same dining halls, and participate in the same clubs. Barnard is an important part of Columbia's history, and it's really a shame that many Columbia students are being so disrespectful about this wonderful opportunity for the entire Columbia community and ultimately turning it into an argument about which school is more difficult to get into or popular or well-known. Have some respect for your fellow students: we've all put in a lot of work over four years-- there is no one in this community who has not struggled and succeeded and failed together.

  106. Anonymous  

    And if Barnard had turned down Obama's offer no doubt all these comments would be insulting that decision as well.

    I am sure had he extended an offer to speak on class day, PrezBo would have made the decision to drop any previously scheduled speaker as well. What college would turn down the President's request to deliver the commencement address?

  107. Anonymous  

    Barnard students have taken our class spots, our campus space, and now our favorite alum. And I'm sick and tired of the inferiority complex. I hate how when I ask a girl if she's from Barnard she immediately takes it as a diss. Let's be honest here, the difference is pretty obvious. There have been times when I was asked to leave classes so that a Barnard senior who was close to the professor could take them instead. This is aggravating. Barnard students don’t pay Columbia tuition so they should stop kicking me out of my classes, and increasing the class sizes in classes that I actually am able to get into. Barnard students don’t go to Columbia yet they make me wish I hadn’t come here.

  108. Anonymous  

    I think Jill Abramson would have gladly canceled her own appearance to score a ticket to Obama's commencement speech.

  109. Anonymous  

    For those that doubt the political undertones of this gesture, ask yourself the following questions in this order:

    Why would Obama make an announcement to speak at Barnard College directly after a Georgetown University student was called a “slut” and “prostitute?”

    In choosing to speak at Barnard for the sake of female empowerment, news which has already gained national attention (hint hint), could Obama potentially gain the favor of a great deal of women in this country?

    Finally, could the female support he earns be useful to him in the upcoming presidential election?

    Stop thinking Barnard is so special because Obama is coming. You’re a political instrument.

  110. Anonymous  

    Say what you want, but use you name. If your intent is to be a hateful misogynist, then please give me the chance to remove you from my life. If I don't know you, give me the chance to refrain from ever knowing you, if at all possible.

    Seriously guys it goes both ways. How often do you hear about Zora Neale Hurston or Margret Mead in affiliation with Columbia? Why isn't that seen as problematic?
    Without institutions like Barnard, women wouldn't be able to attend CC or SEAS or any collegiate institution in America. So quit the hate. As a former student athlete and a member of a Columbia club that I love, I am thankful for the perks of Barnard's affiliation with Columbia and I have a lot of respect for and pride in Columbia and the wonderful people in my life who go there. However, if you know me, you know I have so much Barnard pride. And if you don't know me:
    I, Bunge Okeyo, am a Barnard junior. I would never hesitate to proclaim that to anyone! I have no Columbia envy whatsoever.

    In light of both Oprah and President Obama choosing my college, it seems many people see Barnard as I see it: Barnard is bomb!

    The more productive quest would be to determine why Columbia alums seem to have much less school pride than alums of comparable institutions. The Barnard Alums that I know or the famous ones that I've heard of seem to have loved their time here. For those who feel slapped in the face by the president, maybe you should be more upset with your administration (both current and past) than with him or Barnard women. Literally Columbia has searched for people who knew Barack Obama while he was a student here and haven't had much luck. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that he was denied campus housing and as a transfer student that transition was already going to be a more difficult one.
    Whatever the reason, that should be where you direct your bitterness. Not at me (as I suspect while happen) or Barnard College, or the president.

    ps: Barnard was named for the 10th president of Columbia, Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard, who was obviously less of a chauvinist than many of the people we encounter on bwog. Get it together guys, the world needs less people who think like Rush Limbaugh for real.

    • Dude Nooo

      you broke the interwebzzz. anonymous people onlyyyyyyyyyy

    • Anonymous  

      so much barnard pride?
      why do you list Columbia as your primary FB network?

      • Anonymous  

        because at the time i matriculated that was the only option and i AM a columbia university student. Wait you have columbia college pride? how come your network say columbia university?
        dont you realize columbia university includes Union Theological Seminary, JTS, GS, all the graduate schools, as well as BC CC and SEAS? it's actually a testament to the pride in Barnard that there is now an option to join that network. don't hate bro.

      • Anonymous  

        because when i matriculated that wasn't an option and i am, in fact, a columbia university student. why isn't your undergraduate college (assuming you are a disgruntled undergrad) listed as your network? that network includes UTS, JTS, each graduate school, as well as BC CC GS and SEAS - a network of which i am a member in real life as well as on facebook.

    • Anonymous  

      Zora Neale Hurston or Margret Mead both went to Barnard when Columbia only existed at a mens college. Had they had the option, I'm sure they would have attended columbia (like Radcliffe students who now Harvard.)

    • Anonymous

      Just to clear up the origins of Barnard College:

      F. A. P. Barnard becomes Columbia's tenth president. A Yale graduate, he previously taught at the University of Alabama and presided over the University of Mississippi. His ambitions for Columbia know no bounds, and he fights unsuccessfully against trustees, faculty, and students to make Columbia coeducational—only to have an affiliated women's college, whose creation he opposes, named in his honor.


  111. Anonymous  

    Dear Office of Alumni and Development:

    When Columbia treats us like crap--from housing to dining to fin aid to getting work study paychecks after running to 20 different offices to advising not knowing anything ever to career services being no help whatsoever to, well, most administrative aspects of this place--we will still hold a grudge against you 20 years later when we become Presidents, astronauts, great authors, etc. And we will never give you our money. Let this whole kerfluffle serve as a reminder of that fact. I know you guys read Bwog.

    CC '12

    PS Good job Barnard, I guess.

    • Anonymous  

      THIS. As a Columbia student (and woman), my problem is not with Barnard women, but with the pain of being so close to a school like Barnard that fosters a sense of community in its students while attending a school that reminds us, at every turn, that we couldn't matter less to our administration. It seems like the POTUS problem is a foreseeable outcome of that, though it's shitty to think that Columbia has been fucking over undergraduates for this long and hasn't bothered to do anything about it.

      I would say that students should complain, should organize and work with the administration to address the problems that it seems a LOT of students have with the way things are run at this university, but who would listen?

  112. Let's be real  

    If half of you Barnard women had applied directly to Columbia and not Barnard, you'd be attending some school in the midwest right now.

    • Let's be real  

      No I'd be attending:

      1) UPenn
      2) Northwestern University
      3) Williams
      4) Amherst
      5) Wesleyan

      and plenty of other good schools.

      Maybe if you got into Princeton you wouldn't be so damn bitter. You guys were bragging about meeting Jeremy Lin, but the Attorney General comes to your campus and you don't even know about it. Pitifulllllll

      • lol  

        Let's get a couple things straight:
        1. Like you, Columbia was my top choice. Unlike you, I was accepted.
        2. As a true and avid basketball fan, I've known about Jeremy Lin far longer than most of the dick-riders you're referring to.
        3. If it seems like no one knew that Eric Holder would be here, it's because you're living under a rock.

        Also, the point of my first comment was to say that you wouldn't be attending Columbia, you'd be at another school (e.g. UPenn, Northwestern, Williams, blah blah blah).

        • BC '13

          I've had two best friends throughout college (and my whole life!)--one from BC and one from CC. I love being a part of the Columbia community and that I've had the opportunity to meet so many amazing and brilliant people on both sides of the street! I seriously hope Obama never sees this comment thread. It's embarrassing for all members of this community!

        • Anonymous  

          1) Who said I applied to Columbia. I did NOT apply to Columbia. You guys always assume that Columbia was EVERY Barnard student's top choice! LMAO I am sorry to disappoint you. I would not give a flying fuck if this relationship was severed tomorrow. I am still happy with my decision. I am and will continue to be successful in life. As far as I am concerned, not going to Columbia College hasn't prevented me from achieving anything. I have had top notch internship experiences. I am well traveled, and get to meet some of America's most influential people. Keep hating and keep comparing. That will not stop me from being accomplished...period.

          2) Just like Yao Ming, Jeremy Lin will soon be forgotten. Just like you think I am getting a Columbia degree through the backdoor. I think he is getting recognition through the back door. The Lakers have a bad game, and all of a sudden he's something for us to be excited about? He most of his wins were against mediocre NBA teams. Oh and lets not forget to mention how he got SHUT down by the Miami Heat. Please call me when the guy gets the Knicks a ring. Until then, shut it!

          3) Please believe what you want to believe about Columbia student's excitement about his visit. I can't recall a Columbia student rejoicing about meeting him.

  113. I like to think that  

    Maybe Obama read the Bwog comments and saw how rude the Columbia students are when considering his choice.