Dry your tears, you downtrodden Dionysians: it seems that La Negrita may not be closing, after all.

In a message sent to members of La Negrita’s Facebook group, bar manager Jared Cardon says the bar “got it’s [sic] 11th hour reprieve and will stay open.”

Details are few, but the a new “Partner/Manager” named Eric will take over operations beginning Sunday. Confirmation of this Facebook message is pending—calls to the bar today have not been returned but the full text of the message is after the jump.

UPDATE (5:50 PM):
Bwog confirms with Jared Cardon that the bar will indeed remain open.

Well everyone it looks like the bar got it’s 11th hour reprieve and will stay open.

But I’ll be leaving as manager after Saturday so please if you get the chance stop by this weekend and say goodbye.

The new Partner/Manager Eric will be taking over on Sunday. He is pretty enthusiastic about coming into the La Negrita community.

Thank for a good (if short) run-