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Despite complaints from CU-EMS about their current space (too small, too noisy, too co-ed), ABC voted not to recommend CU-EMS’ move from its current location in the basement of Carman to Broadway 103. The complete email from ABC follows:

At its meeting on November 17, 2010, ABC voted not to recommend CU-EMS’ move
from its current location in the basement of Carman to Broadway 103. Seven
board members supported the move while nine board members opposed it.

The majority of the board believes that the student groups represented by
ABC would not benefit from the move. Broadway 103, currently open to student
group reservation, is roughly twice the size of the Carman space currently
occupied by CU-EMS, which would be put to student group use if CU-EMS were
to move. To give such a large space to one group at the exclusion of others
would be a disservice to the 153 groups recognized by ABC. Our groups have
long complained of the lack of meeting and storage space, and other
proposals, such as the Student Sustainability Center, should be seriously
considered before a decision is made. Alternative uses of 103 have not been
explored, and the spaces within 103 have not been open for student group
reservation long enough to justify the argument that they will not be used
efficiently by student groups.
The board does recognize that CU-EMS has demonstrated certain needs not met
by its current space situation. There are several reasons for why CU-EMS’
current space in Carman is inadequate, including

1. There is no cellphone reception in the basement of Carman
2. Members of the opposite sex are sometimes obliged to sleep in the same
room, making some feel uncomfortable for religious reasons
3. There is not enough space to hold EMT training sessions
4. The band practice room next door is really annoying, especially when
volunteers on duty are trying to sleep

ABC values all the hard work and dedication of CU-EMS volunteers as well as
the vital role they play on campus. However, ABC believes that CU-EMS’
reasoning is insufficient to justify a move to Broadway.

Not all on-duty volunteers are required to stay in the CU-EMS room at night;
those who live within four minutes of the ambulance may stay in their rooms.
Students who find the sleeping situation intolerable have the option to live
in the several residence halls that satisfy CU-EMS’ requirements. So the
problem of individuals of the opposite sex sleeping in the same room is not
universal. The board generally agrees that it is significant, however, and
warrants a solution; CU-EMS deserves additional space for a separate
sleeping area.

A concern was raised that the 103 space, even if walls were knocked down,
may still not be large enough for EMT training sessions. And even if the
space were large enough, it would likely be underutilized, as only CU-EMS
would be able to use it. A more efficient solution would be to allow CU-EMS
to book spaces like the Broadway Sky Lounge.

The band practice room in Carman is certainly annoying, but it does close at
some point in the evening. On-duty CU-EMS volunteers are able to sleep at
night without bands playing next door. An alternative that could be explored
is moving the band practice room to Broadway 101 and allowing CU-EMS to
expand into the vacated space.

At this point, ABC cannot recommend CU-EMS’ move from Carman to Broadway
103. As representatives of 153 cultural, performance, special interest,
pre-professional, science/engineering, and publication groups, ABC members
believe that Broadway 103 should be reserved for student group use and that
a more efficient solution may be found to CU-EMS’ current situation.

*This statement has been approved by the majority of ABC board members.*

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  1. Anonymous  


  2. Anonymous  

    another reason why abc sucks. it really is one of the worst parts of the columbia bureaucracy.

    • oh please

      ABC has some very good points. CU-EMS is certainly important, but on a campus where the perennial issue is space, giving one large room to only one group is not a good idea.

      • Anonymous  

        that is a stupid argument. there are plenty of groups on campus with 'one large room' all to themselves. just visit earl hall. or the lounges.

      • Anonymous  

        CE-EMS isn't just another student group.

        i couldn't care less if i watch you dance or host a study break.

        i DO care if my friend is not breathing and I need help.

        some perspective people? please? this is ridiculous. these people dedicate so much time and so much effort and all they want is a place to sleep. they're out there changing the world and helping people, all other clubs in abc are just enjoying their performances...and i'm IN and abc recognized arts group.

      • wow  

        You might as well say that emergency vehicles should not have lights and sirens. Sure, they're important, but why not let all the other vehicles have them?

        Clearly, CU-EMS is not just another student group; they're an integral part of the health, safety, and well-being of the student body at this school.

  3. Anonymous  

    I think the real problem is that CAVA is under ABC. ABC as a board has an equal duty to all its student groups which is why, from their perspective, such a decision is justifiable. However, the idea of having a group that provides sometimes life saving EMT service under the same parent board as "153 cultural, performance, special interest,
    pre-professional, science/engineering, and publication groups" is absurd. There is no way to justify marginalizing CAVA so that other groups can get space. CAVA saves lives. ABC's other groups do not. CAVA should petition the university to find some other solution. This is not ABC's fault, but an indication that CAVA needs to look elsewhere in the Columbia administration for support.

  4. FYI  

    CU-EMS (CAVA) is not part of ABC. The councils came to ABC because this issue has a significant impact on space available for other groups, and ABC represents the interests of all of its groups.

  5. Anonymous  

    CAVA is a division of health services and public safety. It is not a student group. ABC is just a small drop in the bucket of several groups (way more important) student conglomerates that actually support CAVA. What the hell does ABC even mean? 153 groups? how many lives do all of these groups save together? Suck it ABC

  6. Dear ABC  

    where do Barnard and GS students stay when on call? Theyre not part of Columbia.... I see you really put a lot of thought into this.

    • Radio?  

      They never addressed the radio malfunction? This is so biased I cant see straight. Who cares what ABC thinks? Of course theyre voting against CAVA

    • Anonymous

      GS is part of Columbia, they just don't have the option of staying in any residence hall, or swipe access to residence halls.

      As for the Broadway space being used for Student groups, as per the Spec article last year:

      "As for club spaces, the administration suggested groups find alternative meeting spots—rooms in Lerner, for example—or appointing a representative from the clubs to sign in GS students when meetings occur in dorms."

      Thanks CU administration - for giving this fine suggestion to help Barnard and GS student participation, then taking away Lerner student space and replacing it with residence hall space.

  7. ...  

    perspective: columbia university is located between 114th and 120th sts between broadway and amsterdam. st. lukes hospital is located at 114th and amsterdam. if you fart in front of butler, they can hear it at the ER entrance (where all the ambulances park) at st. lukes.

    cu-ems is a student group.

  8. Hooah  

    I think the real issue here, that all of you are missing, is the name. CAVA really needs to give up on rebranding itself as CU-EMS. I called public safety last month when a friend needed CAVA. And because I was aware of the name change efforts, I asked to be connected to CU-EMS. The officer who answered the phone said: "Huh?" And I said, "please, hurry, CU-EMS!" He said: "what the hell are you talking about?" I said: "CAVA!" He said, "Oh, okay, one sec." Precious seconds! Safety issue! Stick with CAVA!

  9. Anonymous

    "There is no cellphone reception in the basement of Carman"

    Can't they just buy one of these things:

  10. Columbia Bureaucracy  

    Columbia bureaucracy at it's finest.

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