2011 Costume Contest Contenders

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So far, no Steve Jobs… (too soon?) but here are the current candidates for our costume contest. Did you dress up last night? Do you have a few action shots from one of the many parties? Are they appropriate for your parents to see? Probably not, but submit them anyway. Blurred out faces and pseudonyms are always acceptable.

Remember, free booze is on the line here. Leave your judgements in the comments, but don’t be an asshat. Rollover the photos to see their true identities.

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  1. DJ Pauly D  

    Les bi anous about the Swans..... YEEEAAAHHHH BUDDY!!!!!

  2. OMFG  


  3. Black and white swan  

    Yeeaahhh Laura, bwog famous!

  4. Anonymous  

    LMFAO robot! very cool!



  6. Twitch

    Really weak showing this year, guys. Anderson Cooper Wrestling with his Sexuality was really clever...this stuff is nonsense. You're Columbia students. Get smarter. Get funnier.

    That having been said, the way it stands now, it's black/white swan. They get class points, beautiful costume points and reference points. But that clever something special is still missing...

  7. @Twitch

    But must everything here be witty in some sense?

  8. Anonymous

    But Black/White swans were a dime a dozen this year-I saw at least three other pairs.

  9. dude  

    your comment was inadvertently just as mean. it's not obvious to me anyway. probably because it's not true. not super skinny does not equal "fat".

  10. Anonymous  

    Toddlers and tiaras! witty.

  11. Anonymous

    Toddlers and tiaras for the win!

  12. Toddlers

    AND TIARAS. SO Hot. Is that wrong?

  13. Why

    Does JTS have all the hottest girls? True story.

  14. Caroline

    Toddlers and Tiaras!

  15. Anonymous


  16. Anonymous  

    Toddlers and Tiaras for sureee!!!

  17. Anonymous

    toddler$ and tiara$ FERSHERRR

  18. Anonymous

    toddlers and tiaras. mos def.

  19. Anonymous

    definitely toddlers and tiaras!!!

  20. Anonymous  

    toddlers and tiaras!! JTS just has the cutest pageant girls!

  21. Anonymous  

    This was really good, in fact. Pauly D says "lesbianic" on the show, and the poster above cleverly twisted it to sound like "let's be honest". You all are just Jersey Shore haters.

  22. Anonymous

    toddlers and tiaras! no doubt.

  23. Anonymous

    toddlers and tiaras!!

  24. Anonymous

    definitely toddlers in tiaras

  25. LOL

    Sure is samefag in here.

  26. hai  

    TODDLERS AND TIARAS. the best.

  27. Fuck this shit  

    I wanna see some hot guys

  28. Anonymous

    Toddlers and Tiaras!!!!! so funnnny- I love JTS chicksss

  29. dumbasses

    don't understand that the track tool exist, if you must shamelessly samefag us at least have the brains to change IPs

  30. bryan amador  

    is a g! I love the LMFAO ROBOTTT!

  31. Toddlers & Tiaras

    is overdone, and I've seen better - however it's obvious they got a lot of support from their friends and asked them all to comment on here.

  32. Anonymous


  33. Anonymous

    toddlers and tiaras for sure!!

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