1. Anonymous

    I'm not on campus! Someone cast Incarcerous so he can't leave!

  2. Anonymous

    somebody tell him he's a scumboni

  3. Anonymous  

    Is he still there?? Deciding whether to run outside.

  4. For those of us

    horny and undersexed males who expected Emma Watson to grace our presence for four years, we are not satisfied.

  5. Anonymous  

    he has a small penis

  6. Yaeh  

    Expect to see Elizabeth Olsen soon as well as she is a star in the film.

  7. Anonymous  

    Is Michael C Hall on campus too? He's playing David Kammerer in the film apparently.

  8. i hope

    the filming will take more than just today so i can fangirl when i get back on campus

  9. Anonymous

    Wait, wasn't there an Allen Ginsberg film with James Franco? WTF?

  10. Wait  

    Seriously, if anyone sees Michael C Hall, post it, that is sooo much more exciting to me than Daniel Radcliffe

  11. Kill Your Darlings, or...

    its alternate title, "That Actor who Plays Harry Potter and the Quest for Legitimacy"

    • Anonymous  

      I think most people feel like he already more or less legitimized himself in Equus and How to Succeed

      • CC '14  

        I didn't see Equus so I can't speak to that, but in How to Succeed he danced very well but his vocals made it painfully clear that he was picked for his name and not his skills.

      • Well  

        His horror movie, The Woman in Black, did incredibly well. They're thinking about making a sequel. If Kill Your Darlings is a success, I think we can safely say that he can find success outside of the franchise.

        • CC '14  

          I think it's safe to say that he will find success outside of the franchise because he has a group of fans from the franchise who will follow him wherever he goes. We're debating whether he will actually become a respected actor by those who didn't grow up watching him on screen as Harry Potter.

  12. Anonymous

    accio dignity!

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