In an email sent out to the Barnard student body this morning, DSpar announced that the members of UAW Local 2110 have ratified the tentative agreement announced yesterday. The new contract, which contains no wage freeze or cuts to benefits or maternity leave, “will be finalized upon approval of Barnard’s Board of Trustees.” DSpar calls the agreement a “grounded and fair compromise,” though it looks like a victory for the workers.

Read DSpar’s full email and the new contract below:

Dear members of the Barnard community,

As you may have heard, Barnard and UAW Local 2110 have reached a tentative contract agreement for a three-year term, retroactive to July 1, 2012. The contract was ratified by a vote of the union membership today, and will be finalized upon approval of Barnard’s Board of Trustees.  We believe that the agreement represents a grounded and fair compromise, and addresses our mutual goal of ensuring that Local 2110 members are fairly compensated and supported for their hard work and dedication.

I want to thank the valued members of the negotiating teams, who spent a great deal of time poring over details, balancing concerns, and discussing the many issues at hand with fairness and integrity.  The history and tradition of collective bargaining is long and rich, and it is gratifying to see that the process worked as it should. The many conversations that occurred across campus, involving union members, administrators, students, faculty and staff, enriched the formal discussions and served as a testament to the dynamic and thoughtful community that is Barnard.

I look forward to continuing our efforts on behalf of the College.


Debora Spar

The updated contract:

1. Contract term: 7/1/12-6/30/15 (three years)
2. Wages:
  • a. $1000 lump sum paid within 45 days of ratification and pro-rated for part-timers (full amount for 9 and 10 monthers)
  • b. 7/1/13: 2% base wage increase
  • c. 7/1/14: 2% base wage increase
3. Childcare:
  • a. 7/1/12: increase by $1000
  • b. 7/1/13: increase by $1000
  • c. 7/1/13: increase by $1000
4. Uniform: 1/1/13 increase by $10
5. Longevity: 1/1/13 add new step +$150 at 30 years
6. GHI Healthcare rate to increase no more than 5% for calendar year 2013
7. Retirement benefits: Section 21
  • a. Increase breakpoint to $16,000 effective 1/1/13 and to $23,000 1/1/14
  • b. Beginning 7/1/13 and on each 7/1 thereafter, employees with 25 years of service will receive an additional pension contribution of $400.
8. Severance pay attributable to layoffs, reorganizations, and position elimination:
  • a. Maintain calculation at 1 week of pay for year of service up to cap.
  • b. Increase maximum payment from 11 weeks of base pay up to 20 weeks
9. Voluntary retirement program
  • a. Same terms as current Administrator plan – 1 week of pay for each year of service up to 26 years of service, health insurance for 3 months after retirement date, and Barnard tuition for eligible daughters. Retirement window to run for a 60 day period following ratification of the contract.
10. Same-sex domestic partners gross up
  • a. Implement as soon as practical following the ratification of the contract. Calculation and verification requirements to correspond with those already in place for faculty and administrators.
11. Criminal background check
  • a. During each period 10/6/12-6/30/15, two criminal background checks may be conducted on each employee in the following titles: Access Attendants, Dispatchers, Administrative Assistants in Public Safety and Residential Life, and Receptionists in Residential Life.
12. Healthcare waiver
  • a. Increase the health insurance waiver payment for full-time employees who demonstrate that they have coverage elsewhere from the present level of $1000 per year to $2400 per year for single coverage and $4800 for multiple/family. Amounts would be pro-rated for part-time, benefits eligible employees opting out of health insurance.
13. Grievance procedure
Without waiving their statutory rights, a grievance either on behalf of the College or the Union may be presented initially at a Step 3 for teh following reasons:
  • Termination
  • Suspension
  • Denial of leaves of absence, vacation times or flexible hour schedules
  • A grievance which affects a substantial number of a class of employees, and which the College representative designated in Step 1 and Step 2 lacks authority to settle, may initially be presented at Step 3 by the Union representative.
14. Bereavement leave
  • a. Add domestic partner after spouse
15. Job evaluation committee
  • a. Union will be given notice of i) newly created and ii) material changes in job descriptions for 2110 jobs two work days (Monday-Friday) in advance of position posting. So as not to hinder recruitment and operations, the position will be posted after these two days. After review, and upon Union request, the JEC will convene to discuss if necessary.
  • b. The Union will not contest position upgrades to top grade provided the position is vacant and no substantial changes in eligibility were made. The Union reserves its right to schedule a meeting with Human Resources if there are substantial changes for position eligibility.
16. Flexible hours
  • a. Flexible hours shall be arranged for any employee who has a need, provided the department continues to operate effectively.