Bwog attended barbecues and dined on the finest foods this weekend, as we deserve.

Bwog dined on the finest cuisines.

  • Ate an amazing sandwich.
  • Ordered $35 worth of Halloween-themed snacks with my roommate.
  • Went to a club bbq.
  • Discovered the real meaning of community in JJ’s at 12 AM.
  • Went to a Guy Fieri-themed birthday party.
  • Ate a lovely blueberry muffin.

Bwog suffered illness and injury.

  • Got very sick and was thoroughly convinced I had COVID. After not one, but two, negative PCRs, nope. Just a very bad cold.
  • Got a head cold and suffered.
  • Had a Mental Health Moment™
  • Got blisters on the backs of both of my ankles.
  • Hit the town. The town hit back.

Bwog tried for things and—as always—succeeded. 

  • Got cast in some shows.
  • Applied to jobs because I realized I don’t want to go to grad school.
  • Said I didn’t want to live in LA and then a couple personal events later I decided to apply to many jobs in LA so I could live there.
  • Auditioned for and got into a play!

Bwog developed their musical palates. 

  • Decided I’m going to a concert in March.
  • Impulsively bought Death Cab for Cutie pit tickets because the opener was Real Estate, a semi-local band that lived in my brain in high school.
  • Made a new playlist.
  • Listened to In the Aeroplane Over the Sea in full for the first time.

Bwog relaxed and lounged.

  • Slept through plans twice :(
  • Went to Fort Tryon Park with my mom’s cousin.
  • Painted my nails while watching Breaking Bad, women can truly have it all these days.
  • Took the Metro North and went to a barbecue in the cute little town of Hastings-on-Hudson.
  • Watched sailboats on the Hudson.
  • Was invited to a 150+ person party, got scared by all the people, and chose to watch tv with my boyfriend instead.
  • Had a midnight picnic with a friend.
  • Smoked weed for the first time in literal years.

Food and stuff via Bwog Archives