A (Real!) Fire in Dodge

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Just after the conclusion of the Japan benefit concert at Miller, a horde of fire trucks pulled up outside Dodge, in response to a real fire. After hearing from the FDNY that the source was a copier, a student developing photos in the darkroom in Dodge confirmed that a laser printer was the origin of the fire. He heard someone scream “fire!” and shortly after, everyone evacuated the building. The firefighters seemed to have cleared the scene pretty quickly, and were already exiting the building by the time Bwog arrived there.

Update (11:30): Bwog confirmed the story with the student who was working with the laser cutter in Dodge, and left it unattended. The student was very upset and asked to be kept anonymous. Firefighters still on the scene said it was a big fire.

They actually used the hydrant!

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  1. I mean

    I knew they were hot tickets, but not THAT hot...

  2. Headline  

    should have been, "Get the hell outta Dodge."

  3. Disaster

    follows Japan.

  4. Anonymous  

    Fire alarm went off in the other Dodge at the same time

  5. well  

    I guess she'll have a visceral life experience to write about now?

  6. Anonymous  

    She? how do you know it wasn't a He?

  7. ignorant dude  

    what is a laser cutter?

  8. had to  

    We didn't start the fire.

  9. Anonymous  

    It wasn't a copier or a laser printer-- the laser cutter was cutting a piece of plexi glass for prints

  10. um seriously you guys?

    aren't we like digital in 2011?

  11. ban frats on campus!  

    they're burning down the house



  13. Anonymous  

    it's in very bad taste but it made me chuckle

  14. Anonymous  

    "They actually used the hydrant!"

    ^^Slightly childish and unnecessary. Sometimes Bwog wants to go for the witty and peer-friendly vibe and just fails. But still love ya one compares.

  15. they should've...  

    used the motherfucking hydrant.

    That is totally mature and necessary.

  16. casey

    Yeah; there is a big difference between a laser printer and a laser cutter. Laser cutters cost like $10,000. And you should never leave them alone. So, yeah, the student is probably going to get in some trouble.

  17. i was there

    it didn't actually happen that they shouted "fire" and everyone left. the "fire alarm" in dodge was just the lights, there was no actually alarm, so everyone kept working out for five more minutes or so until the staff came and told us to leave. some ppl didn't even believe that it was a fire, one guy playing bball was arguing with the staff because he didn't want to leave. it took 5-10 minutes to get everyone out.

  18. lol  

    woops your right! my b

  19. Anonymous

    I heard people's silkscreens melted. Must've been pretty bad. Any word on what's open now?

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