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Dearest Bwog Readers,

It is with sorrow that Maud and Sarah Faith announce that they are stepping down from their positions as Editors-in-Chief of Bwog. Maud will reassume her position as Internal Editor, and Sarah Faith will remain as a loyal contributor as well as in a consulting role to assist in the final stages of our site’s full redesign, a project that she spearheaded during her tenure as Editor-in-Chief.

In their place, they have appointed current Chief of Staff and Deputy Editor Julia Goodman to the position of Editor-in-Chief. They are confident in her ability to lead the publication until the next Editor-in-Chief is chosen at the end of the fall semester. In addition, Claire Friedman will continue in her role as Managing Editor.

While we are extremely proud of the work they have accomplished over the past year, Maud and Sarah Faith no longer feel that they can dedicate the amount of time that this position requires. They have immensely enjoyed their time leading a publication so central to the Columbia community and working with such a passionate and creative staff, but are eager to have more time for their other interests.

All the crabs, always,
Maud, Sarah Faith, Claire, Julia, and Jake



  1. Anonymous  


  2. Anonymous

    Maud and Sarah Faith have done such a great job as editors in chief. Sad to see them go...

  3. Anonymous

    Does this mean fewer shitty wannabe-activist articles/mattress girl stories? Please say yes. I miss the old cheeky yet informative bwog.

  4. Anonymous  

    What about Alex?

  5. True life  

    "Bwogger Julia" from last year's vshow was actually just based off of Julia Goodman. Or just her squirrel sweater. Or maybe her bangs.

  6. no more bwog?

    Is there anyone left in bwog...

  7. Anonymous  

    <3 you two always

  8. Fsd  

    Thank jesus maybe bwog will get a bit better now. fuck those 2

  9. Anonymous

    This is just like Ella woah

  10. not a moment too soon

    thank god.

  11. Anonymous  

    This does see a little suspect given that it's coming on the heels of the whole Alexander situation. #bringhimback

  12. Alexander fan

    yeah whatever happened to good old bwog? the one i knew and loved and stalked for overheards? i still remb alexander's piece for hte blue and white about his cis gender identity, what a marvelous piece. Props to you for sticking to your guns, man.

  13. Anonymous  

    The outpouring of support for Alexander is telling of how well liked the rest were...

  14. Ann Curry  

    they'll never learn...

  15. CU Student

    rabble rabble rabble zionist conspiracy rabble rabble

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