Better Than CULPA: Professor Edwards Plays Facebook Antihero

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The first stage of registration may be winding down, but we all know this is only the start. Soon will come the waitlists, the petitions, the trading of class spots on message boards and in dark corners of New York City streets.

It is a world of risk and betrayal, soaring victories and devastating loss. It is a world where you need allies. Allies like Professor Stephen Edwards.

Leaping into the Facebook fray, Professor Edwards has been witnessed guiding students away from his class. Quite seriously, and evaluating their situation from a purely objective standpoint we’re sure.

So if you’re deciding between PLT sections, or just really want to take CS (because you are a masochist), issue a Facebook call for help. Maybe you’ll be the latest to catch a glimpse of Columbia’s newest antihero.

If not, Bwog has you covered. Check out our Actual Wisdom feature with Professor Edwards.

dealing with his fans

Dealing with his fans

Sometimes you just can't get there in time to save them...

Sometimes you just can’t get there in time to save them…

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  1. K  

    Actually though, who should I take PLT with?

    • ff  

      Took it with edwards and it wasn't bad and I got an A. OCAML sucks at first, but gets better once you get the hang of it. Edwards knows what hes doing and the class is amusing at times. As for Aho I've got no clue, but I would bet that both are good choices and that you should just take it when you want and don't worry about the teacher

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