Poster Etiquette: The Ferris Stairwell

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In an effort to passive-aggressively criticize people from the internet do our part to help foster the Columbia community, we debut our our public awareness campaign. Inspired by this recent effort undertaken by the MTA and your roommate with the post-its, Bwog will be publishing posters illustrating those immoral actions shockingly common at our fair university, starting this week with the Ferris stairwell free-for-all. Feel free to print them out and post them in prominent locations or just blearily scroll past as you drink your Friday morning coffee. Photoshop credit goes to correspondent and media manipulations specialist, Maddie Stearn. 

If there are behaviors you would like to see publicly shamed addressed, make sure to send in your suggestion to or feel free to simply comment below.

DON'T BE A DICK: Take one second to check above/below.

DON’T BE A DICK: Take one second to check above/below.

 Disastrous staircase via Shutterstock. Everything else via Maddie Stearn.

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  1. Oh no  

    That person at the top of the stairs is about to die.

  2. Anonymous

    Why is calling someone a male body part insulting? It shouldn't be. That is so sexist.

  3. That graphic

    is some straight up Escher shit

  4. THANK YOU  

    It's really not that hard people!

  5. !!  

    They really should install a red-light/green-light system to avoid these horrible catastrophes

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