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The Jazziest place on earth

The Jazziest place on earth

Miller Theatre hosts a variety of event showcasing a multitude of artistic genres. Bwogger Amara Banks caught a show in the Jazz Series last night, Saturday, January 30th.

After seeing what I thought was the weirdest performance I had ever witnessed at Miller Theatre, I (stupidly and in vain) drafted a mental note to never attend any more events at the popular venue. However, Creed sound’s group description was too intriguing to pass up, so I returned. As it turns out, this was not a mistake.

The group, called Sonic Creed is comprised of six extremely talented artists, most of whom hold degrees from prestigious art institutions. All of them were tied together by Stefon Harris, the marimba and vibe player. The show opened up with improv so well coordinated that one would assume their composition was rehearsed for hours prior. Each artist captured the audience with his ability to demonstrate mastery of his instrument. Whether he was beating on the drums or beating on the marimba, heads would cease from bobbing when each artist began his breathtaking solo.

I was most impressed with the musicians ability to complement each other. The amount of time they have spent playing together beautifully reflected in how well the artists vibed together. Each one slowly took the stage for his solo, and as he did the others slowly backed off and let him showcase his talent. Because of this mastered technique, the audience enjoyed piano, flute, drum, marimba, guitar, and bass solos, all with gentle compliments of the other instruments in the background.

After a round of improv and introductions, Stefon Harris announced that he and his group would play a composition he had written for his wife, titled “Let’s Take a Trip to The Sky.” Full of exciting piano and flute riffs, the song was perfectly named.

Sonic Creed threw a quick show; concluding in only 40 minutes, the audience – myself included – was definitely satisfied with the performance, but greedy for more. The next event in the Miller Jazz Series will be February 20th.

Miller we love you but you’re bringing us down via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Karen Kennedy

    Hi and thanks for the review. Sounds like you missed the second half! They played another 45 minutes after the intermission!

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