Where In The World Is The Athena Center?

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Millie Ain't Dancin' Here
Millie Ain't Dancin' Here

Only you can prevent campus ignorance.

Bwog has noticed that Columbia students tend to not be familiar with Barnard’s campus. In hopes of deducing just what these confused onlookers know about Barnard’s layout, we’ve asked some lucky CC/SEAS students to fill out blank maps of Barnard’s campus. Their—often completely wrong—assessments are included below.

I was stopped by a confused woman the other day as I was entering the Barnard Quad. “Excuse me,” she called, “Where is the Athena Center?”

A few days later, while one CC student worked on his map of Barnard, he muttered, “They must have somewhere named Athena.” He confidently labelled a building.

The thing is… the Athena Center doesn’t exist (at least in the form of a building). But that’s just the beginning of the confusion over what the heck is going on on the other side of Broadway.

Map #1: Greenwich Mean Time, RIP, and Hewitt Confusion


Map #2: Pizza, Grant’s Tomb, and No Girls Aloud

Map #3: Wonderful Brain, Español, and SHORE

Map #4: Plimpton, Athena, and Bathrooms

Map #5: Fascists, John Jay, and Times Square


Map #6: Completely upside down, but not any more logical when flipped around.


Map #7: Two Hewitts and a bat cave

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.58.23 PM

In accuracy, we give Columbia a C. But in creativity, they win an A.

Sad bear via Liz Lee

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