We’re All In The (Lehman) Pit

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More livable than a Brooks quad?

More livable than a Brooks quad?

It’s impossible not to notice that the space where Lehman Library once stood is now a gaping pit – complete with piles of sand, rusty construction equipment, and sharp pieces of uncovered rock. As one student pointed out in Overheard @ Barnard last week, this pit is eerily similar to the pit from ‘Parks and Recreation‘. Inspired by that post (and that pit), writer Betsy Ladyzhets has penned a parody of a song from the show: ‘The Pit’, by fictional band Mouse Rat.

D-Spar was in the pit
Hinkson was in the pit
We all were in the pit

The pit
Campus is in the pit
The green turned to the pit
Maggie fell to the pit

The pit
Registration fell in the pit
Tuition fell in the pit
Housing is now the pit

Sometimes college’s gonna get you down, (the pit)
Get some Diana pizza, take a look around, (the pit)
You think you’re majoring in unafraid, but you’re majoring in the pit

The pit
Our hopes fell in the pit
Our dreams fell in the pit
The future’s in the pit

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