Wednesday Playlist: Start Of The Semester Edition

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Where we learned what Bad and Boujee meant to Donald Glover

Where we learned what Bad and Boujee meant to Donald Glover

Whether you took a plane from across the world or took a walk from a few blocks away, we’ve all returned to campus and are remembering how tiring (and wet) Columbia can be. Before we get back to working hard (or hardly working), here is a playlist to add some bump to your grind. 

  1. Cranes in the Sky by Solange – “It’s like [the Barnard crane] in the sky.”
  2. Am Bet’alaa Feek by Nancy Ajram – A song of longing for when you’re trying to get off that seminar waitlist.
  3. Caroline by Aminé – An upbeat tune that will get you ready for your 8:40 (ugh).
  4. Pray by Terror Jr – Like the moody boy in your CC class, this song talks about the connection between sex and religion.
  5. Vesperae solennes de confessore in C Major, K. 339: IV. Laudate Dominum by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – A different sort of prayer than the former (s/o to Music Hum for introducing us to this piece).
  6. Bad and Boujee (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) by Migos – The source of every Instagram caption of the past couple of weeks…it’s a good song, though.
  7. Star Roving by Slowdive – The first Slowdive release in 22 years, this song is good for wandering around campus on a grey day like today.
  8. Mad by Solange & Lil Wayne – More Solange because this album is excellent (as is this Lil Wayne feature).
  9. Party Monster by The Weeknd – A dark tune for winter weekend nights.
  10. If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys – “I don’t want nothing at all/If it ain’t you, baby/If I ain’t got you, baby”–a song for reuniting with friends after winter vacation.

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