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Last night’s General Studies Student Council meeting saw the council try to match with students to fill a series of vacancies and match funding requests from different student organizations. All of the activity proved that GSSC is back in full swing and is ready to get their initiatives started and see the fruition of their hard work.

Here are the teams’ reports:

  • Policy: positions are still opening right now, and they are trying to revamp policy committee with new members in preparation for their constitutional review.
  • Family and Working Students: trying to work more closely with other organizations on campus. Currently, they are meeting with someone from the office of work and life – specifically someone from the childcare perspective to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed.
  • Diversity and Equity: The foremost concern is creating a special policy for refugee students, which is currently in the works.
  • Senior Representative: There are several events planned over the next few months, including a pub night in March, and karaoke and trivia nights in February (details on Facebook).
  • First Year Class President: Nicole is trying to work with CPS to get weekend/night hours (for reference, Harvard has a room available 24/7 for one-on-one couseling.) She is also working on a safe-space initiative to support students. Also mentioned was the first-year gala at end of February, which will be a masquerade!
  • JTS Representative: There will be a Shabbat dinner during GS week (specifically on March 3rd) details to follow.
  • Campus Life: Puppies might be coming!! Campus Life is also hosting a groundhog day celebration and reminds students that Thursday is Lerner Pub day – there will be free drinks!

Next, GSSC moved on to interviews for new appointments and co-sponsorships:

  • There were two co-sponsorships given out today: One for the MilVets Ball to help subsidize ticket prices, and one to the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs to facilitate their trip to visit European companies.
  • The positions up for grabs tonight included the Students With Disabilities Representative, the Senior Treasurer, and the Chief of Policy. All positions had extremely qualified and dedicated candidates, which the council will consider. Decisions will be made public by next week, at which point Bwog can reveal more about our newly elected officials!

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