Bwoglines: Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you have someone special in your life or not, Bwog presents today’s Bwoglines. Remember: it’s important to stay informed and take time to take care of yourself! Give someone a hug, a compliment, or chocolate; spread the love. 

Happening in the world: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Trump met to speak about a Canada-United States council that would aim to advance women entrepreneurs and business leaders. Many then criticized Trump for “pinkwashing” and for the lack of diversity in his inner Cabinet which consists of only white men.

Happening in NYC: In the past two weeks, Immigration and Customs Enforcement have begun to sweep Staten Island and have arrested 5 undocumented immigrants from Mexico. Recently, efforts have been made in at least six states to find and arrest undocumented immigrants.

Happening on campus: Have a cool date for Valentine’s? Take them to Prom Night with Genghis Barbie, a pop up concert featuring an all-female french horn quartet! The concert is from 6-7 pm in the Miller Theatre.

Overseen/Overheard: “It is not without guilt that today I torrented the entire Bob Dylan discography.”

Music Pick: Celebrate Adele’s greatness by listening to 25 or if you love Beyoncé as much as Adele does, listen to Lemonade.

Central Park vibes via Bwogger Victoria Arancio

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