Room Hop: Cute As Heck Edition

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This room is so cute it almost helps us feel better about JJs.

Bwog Writer Lexie Lehmann saw a sick snapchat of Hannah Kline (CC ’20)’s beautiful John Jay single and knew that Bwog had to write about it. Read about Hannah’s decor inspiration and see more of this impeccable room below!

What was your inspiration when designing your room?
Color and comfort. I really wanted a room that at the end of a long day I could come back to and really just relax.

What is your favorite part of your room?
I’m rather split between the lavender vanity and my wall of pictures. After I was moved in my mom got the vanity, painted it to match my room and gave it to me as a surprise a week later. It was so sweet and I always think of my family when I sit at it. But I also love my hanging photographs. Like all freshman, I was homesick at the beginning of the year so having pictures of my high school friends was comforting to me. But now I soon plan on adding my Columbia memories to the photo wall!

How is your room a reflection of yourself and your personality?
I am a really sentimental person, so throughout my room I have trinkets from my best memories. Adding personalization to the room was a big must for me when I came here. I also like to think of myself as a rather organized person which I hope my room reflects.

How long have you been planning how to design your room?
Honestly, right after I got accepted I was super excited and put that energy into finding items for my future home. It started with me choosing what colors I wanted for blankets and pillows and that snowballed into everything finding everything else.

How would you describe your room’s ~aesthetic~?
I like to think of it as boho-cozy chic, with an emphasis on the cozy.

Are you planning on keeping this ~aesthetic~ for next year too?
Definitely. I love so many elements of my room and will probably be copying and pasting them directly into my dorm for next year. I would definitely recommend everyone getting a miniature carpet or rug, it brings an enormous homey feel to a previously bland floor! I will certainty miss my room’s amazing view next year!

Thank you Hannah for letting us take a peak into your room! We are all super jealous. 

Photos courtesy of Hannah Kline CC ’20.

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