Bwoglines: Vintage Edition

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When he coughs on you

Happening in the world: Yesterday, a suicide bomber killed at least 70 people at a Sufi shrine and wounded more than 250. (The New York Times)
Happening in NYC: On Etsy, someone is selling a good ol’ (literally ol’) subway sign that says “Times Square” for $150,000. (Gothamist)
Happening on campus: Starting at 7:30 pm in Wien Hall, CU Swing Dance will provide a free beginners’ swing lesson; afterward, the CU Swing Performance Troupe, the CU Big Band, and DJ Courtney Dennis will perform.
Overheard: *coughs* “Oh, I still have my cold.”
Shitty horoscope of the day: As the emotional moon enters sexual Scorpio and the 8th house of regeneration today, eat a grapefruit or something.


The Gypsy Agustina: a Drawing Dedicated to “Señora de Kerrigan” by Ignacio Zuloaga via the Met

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