Bwoglines: Enjoy The Nice Weather Edition

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Get ready to enjoy Low Beach tomorrow!

Happening in the World: President Donald Trump’s administration stated on Wednesday that they were reversing the Obama administration’s recommendation that transgender students be allowed to use whichever bathroom they felt was most appropriate for them. (New York Times)

Happening in New York: Prosecutors are continuing to investigate former City College president Lisa Coico over whether or not she improperly received money during her tenure as president.

Happening on Campus: Check out the showing of “He Named Me Malala” tomorrow from 8-10pm cohosted by Columbia HeForShe and Columbia Organization of Pakistani Students in Hamilton 717.

Overheard: (about free pizza someone left in the Plimpton study lounge) A: “Is it good?” B: “It’s free!”

Animal Video: School stressing you out? Midterm season got you down? Check out this video of happy baby animals to Pharrell’s “Happy.”

Low Beach via Bwog Staff Archives 

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