Bwoglines: Fuuutuuuure Edition

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When it is neither quite reality nor digital

Happening in the world: After an agreement to share power with the U.K. did not go through in January, Northern Irelanders voted yesterday to elect a new 90-seat assembly. However, this move may not be enough to fend off U.K. direct rule. (Bloomberg)
Happening in the Big Appz: The 23rd Armory Show features a work that uses Microsoft’s HoloLens to “merge the virtual and physical worlds in order to create something real, yet digital” (I mean, no shit!). You can view the work from March 2-5 at Piers 92 & 94 in Manhattan. (Fortune)
Happening on campus: Tomorrow from 7 to 9 pm at Barnard, the Black History Month Committee of CU will be hosting a panel of professional Black women called BlackGirlMagic and will also provide a networking hour and free giveaways.
Overheard: “Now, this is something Joan Miró gave me when I interviewed him.”
Shitty horoscope of the day Today, ingenious Uranus faces off with growth-oriented Jupiter. While new ideas might seem contrary to your well-being, get some goddamn sleep. This also applies whether or not Uranus is facing off Jupiter.

Tenor Trombone in B-Flat via The Met

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